This is our first contest!
You get to design the ultimate leg transformation process-and get bragging rights over all your MW buddies.

The issue is accuracy to the VF-1 itself-see the picture collage below

thm_leg1.jpg thm_leg2.jpg thm_leg3.jpg thm_leg4.jpg thm_leg5.jpg thm_leg6.jpg
thm_leg7.jpg thm_leg8.jpg thm_leg9.jpg thm_leg10.jpg thm_leg11.jpg


Takatoku, Bandai, and Toynami chose to go with a long metal bar that runs down the side of the fuselage
Yamato have gone with a removeable leg option


We would like to see what you could come up with! It's all in fun-so grab your pencils and paper and get to it.Try to be as detailed as possible.
Send in all submissions to shawn@macrossworld.com
All entries must be submitted by AUGUST 17th

Also-please click here for more information or minor updates

Once I get all the entries I'll post them here and we will vote for the winner.
Winner gets a Joons Max 1/55 Valkyrie (I'll put the original head back on!) and a DYRL Movie Preview book.
Oh-and bragging rights that says it can be done!

Here is one option that was published by a fan back in 1997.