Macross Newsletter #51


Macross Zero
First up is a two page color spread of three of the characters and one of the mecha from the upcoming OVA Macross Zero. Love the mecha and character designs, I especially dig the pilot suit! Get the latest Newtype magazine!


Make sure to head over to the Macross World Movies & TV Series forum to read the latest on this series!


Macross Typing Game
Also, here's a 1 page advertisement for a new PC Macross typing game!!!!! WTF! Yes, a typing game! Hmm.....I can see this one being for Japanese only. Can't see it being popular accept for with die-hard collectors.



Macross 20th Anniversary DVD
Here's another full page ad, this time of the up coming Macross 20th anniversary DVD, due for release in Japan on 8/25. The other date of 7/17 shown on the ad is the date for placing pre-orders, or so I've been told.



Finally here are some new Hasegawa pictures-of the Battroids and the Angel Birds box art, and the Doyusha YF-21