Macross Newsletter #50


Sunwards Toy News

Big West has just granted Japanese company 'Sunwards Ltd' official worldwide distribution rights for selling Macross merchandise outside of Japan, thus allowing them to sell to the USA, Europe, UK, the rest of Asia etc...

One of the first items Sunwards will be selling is a 1/60 scale DYRL VF-1S Fokker type Strike Valkyrie under the Sunward brand name, scheduled for release this August. Please refer to Sunward's web site for further information of their products.

Click here to go to the Sunwards Homepage!

Please note that Sunwards is not an online mail order company and will not be selling direct to individual customers. Sunwards will instead sell directly to overseas distributors, wholesalers and retailers. Details of how to become a Sunwards distributor can be found on their homepage, which is currently under construction, but will be up very soon.

This is exciting news for Macross fans as it means that toy and hobby stores in the US, UK Europe and elsewhere will now have easy access to Macross goodies at affordable prices. Please note that Big West's copyright ownership was judicially affirmed by the Tokyo District Court ruling on February 25th 2002. Please find Big West's press release on the ruling at: Big West