Macross Newsletter #44

Graham's Newsletter # 44

Guys and Gals,

I just picked up the new issues of Hobby Japan (Nov 2001 issue) and Character Model (# 8  Autumn issue) and as usual they feature some interesting Macross stuff.

Hobby Japan
This months Hobby Japan has two very interesting pictures in it.  

thm_news44_doyushvalkyrie.jpg (picture on right is from Dengeki Hobby)
First off, there is a picture(left) of what appears to be a prototype of the upcoming Doyusha 1/144 die-cast and plastic non-transforming fighter mode toy from their 'Desktop Museum' series. From the text accompanying the pictures it looks like Doyusha will release a VF-1J TV type, a VF-1S and VF-1A DYRL types. And get this it also looks like they will also be releasing a 1/144 YF-19 toy as well. For those of you not familiar with Doyusha's Desktop Museum military jet series, follows these links to see their F-22 and F-15.


Secondly, Hobby Japan also features a new picture of the upcoming Banpresto VF-1S Focker type in all three modes. I must say that I do not like how this toy looks in fighter mode very much, but I think it looks spiffy in battroid mode (hey, I always wanted to use the word 'spiffy). But anyway as the toy is retailing for only around 15 bucks US, you can't expect too much.


Character Model Magazine
The real winner in the magazine stakes this month is Character Model magazine with 10 whole pages of Macross stuff. I highly recommend this magazine to any fan of Macross models.

Most importantly, this magazine feature new line-art by Shoji Kawamori of an all new Variable Fighter called the VF-2001.
The new design is already being discussed in the Macross World Forums at: 

According to Forum Member Hayase, the VF-2001 will be featured in a new novel starting in the upcoming Winter issue of Character Model Magazine.


Character Model also features some great new pics of the 1/72 scale IHP transformable VF-1 that was just released at WonderFestval 2001.