Macross Newsletter #40


Bootleg Enligh Subtitled Macross DVD set


Guys & Gals,
Macross TV series has just been released in Hong Kong for the first time as a bootleg DVD with English subtitles. Previously the Macross TV series was available on bootleg VCD and DVD, but only with Chinese subtitles.

Picture and sound quality are both good and the set of 5 disks comes packaged in an attractive box set.

The subtitles are very easy to read, but the quality of the translation is not perfect, with some minor grammatical errors and the most annoying feature, the mis-naming of some characters. Anyway, for HK$250 / US$33 I can't complain too much.

Oh, and DYRL is also available on DVD with English subtitles for HK$ 60 / US$ 7.75, but I didn't have enough money to buy it yesterday.