Macross Newsletter #33
By Graham Parkes 02/16/01


I just picked up this weeks issue of the Japanese Dreamcast magazine (scans below). In it are announced the names of the new Variable Fighters which appear in the Macross M3 game. The names of the VFs are:-
VF-3000 Crusader
VF-9 Cutlass
VF-14 Vampire

Also, it looks like the game will have 16 stages not 14 as I'd previously announced on 02/01/01 in the newsletter section of Macross World.
Lastly, in M3, the VF-11 is definitely referred to as the VFX-11, which almost certainly means the game is set on or before the year 2030 when the VF-11 was still in the prototype/test stage.

Remember you saw it in Macross World First.