Macross Newsletter #26
By Graham Parkes 09/30/00


Attached are some new screen shots and a new character picture from the upcoming game 'Macross M3' for the Dreamcast.

Note the Destroid Defender and Destroid Phalanx which appear in the pictures.

Here's a quick recap of the mecha that have been shown to be in Macross M3 so far:-

VF-1J, VF-4, VF-9, VF-11 (or perhaps the prototype VFX-11 version), VF-14 Neo-Glaug (UN Spacy Version), Zentradi Fighter Pod,Destroid Phalanx ,Destroid Defender


That's all for now.


thm_newm3_1.jpg thm_newm3_2.jpg thm_newm3_3.jpg thm_newm3_4.jpg