Macross Newsletter #24
By Graham Parkes 09/14/00


Two items of news today: -

1. Yamato YF-19 Toy (Ver.2) Release

The version 2, product improved Yamato YF-19 toy is now available in Japan and Hong Kong. I picked up two of the new toys today and also had a chance to examine several more in the shop where I bought them.

The differences between the first and second production runs are described below in point form.

  • Externally the ver.2 box is identical to the first production run. (at least I can't find any difference). However, there is a small difference in the internal clear plastic packing which covers the front of the toy. On the first production run, the internal packing had a hole for the toy's nose cone to stick through. The version 2 toy has no hole and the clear plastic tray completely surrounds the nose cone (comparison pictures of the inner plastic tray attached).
  • The ver. 2 toys come with an additional sheet of printed instructions in Japanese (picture attached). These are additional instructions for transforming the toy
  • The shoulder joints are now made of plastic instead of die-cast metal. This change was apparently made to reduce the problem of paint rubbing off the die-cast chest plate caused by friction with the metal shoulder joints. Personally, I never encountered this problem on my ver.1 YF-19 toys (comparison picture of ver.1 & ver.2 shoulders attached).
  • The breakage-prone small plastic tab which slots into a hole to the rear of the canards has now been made thicker and has been strengthened by changing the cross section to a "T" shape. I'm not sure if this change has solved the breakage problem, as I haven't transformed the toy yet (comparison picture of ver.1 & ver.2 tabs attached).
  • The joints on the ver.2 toy have been made tighter than on the ver.1, which was a bit too loose in some examples. I'm not sure if the joints will stay tight, only time will tell. However, even if they do get loose a few minutes with a Phillips head screwdriver solves the problem
  • The lower chest slots for the wing tabs in GERWALK mode have been made a little larger so that the tabs now fit without any filing.
  • The gunpod can now fit into the trigger finger hand without having to enlarge the hole in the hand. This is unlike the ver.1 toys where the hole was often too tight to remove the gunpod after you had forced it into the hand.
  • For some reason the metal wing tabs on the ver.2 toys are all bare metal whereas on the ver.1 they were painted tan color. Not only are the wing tabs bare metal, but it is obvious that they were previously painted and the paint has been removed with some very crude file work! (picture of ver.2 wings attached). I think this was done so that the tabs would fit into the chest slots more easily.
  • The vertical tails have been redesigned so that they now fold backwards and do not fall down so easily. However, one of the tails on my new ver.2 toys was so tight that it would not open all the way up. I had to disassemble the lower leg and do a bit of remedial file work to get it to move freely (picture of ver.2 tails attached).
  • On all the ver.2 toys I examined today (about 8 in all) the nipple tabs were all bare metal. This is different to the ver.1 toys where about 50% had fully painted or at least partially painted nipples.


2. No Macross Calendar Next Year

Now for some bad news................It looks like there will be no 2001 Macross calendar :-(

A few days ago I visited the a local branch of Animate (an anime hobby shop) and they had the annual display poster up (as they do every year around this time) advertising all the new 2001 Japanese anime/idol calendars.

Anyway, I looked and looked at all the thumbnail calendar pictures on the poster but I could not see a Macross calendar for 2001. I even asked the staff and they confirmed that there would indeed by no 2001 Macross calendar.

That's all for now.


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