Macross Newsletter #23
By Graham Parkes 09/13/00


Attached are four pages of pics and information on the upcoming game "Macross M3" for the Sega Dreamcast. Sorry about the file size, but these pics are pretty awesome and I thought you all should see them clearly.

According to the article, the game is only 50% complete at the moment. This leads me to suspect that we won't see it by the previously announced December 2000 release date. Still, producers Shoeisha were pretty good about getting Macross Plus Game Edition out on time so perhaps we will be able to play Macross M3 for Christmas.

From what I can tell Macross M3 will be a 3D shooter similar to VF-X2 and Macross Plus Game Edition. However, as you can see from the attached pics, the graphics look absolutely gorgeous.

It seems that the two characters you get to play are none other than Max and Milia. Also, the game will feature a number of new variable fighters. Shown in the attached article are the VF-9, the VF-14 (the UN Spacy version of the Elgerzorene from Macross 7) and a UN Spacy human piloted version of the Neo-Glaug first seen in Macross Plus Game Edition.

I suspect that the game takes place sometime between the year 2030 to 2038. My reasoning is that most advanced mecha shown in the article is the VF-11 which entered service in 2030. Max and Milia departed on the Macross 7 fleet in 2038.

I think this game will only have a one player mode.

That's all for now.


thm_m3pg1.jpg thm_m3pg2.jpg thm_m3pg3.jpg thm_m3pg4.jpg