Macross Newsletter #17
By Graham Parkes 03/24/00


I've just spent several frustrating lunch breaks and evenings walking round close to 50 shops looking for the Macross 7 game for the Gameboy. It was supposed to be released in Japan on 17th March, so it should have made it's way to Hong Kong by now! Anyway, I still haven't managed to find it and boy am I feeling frustrated. Oh well, I shall try again today and tomorrow and the day after and.........................

Hopefully, I will be able to find the gameboy game as well as the new Wonderswan Macross game which is out on 23 March by next week. As soon as I find them I will give you all a full report and a nice set of scans.

I did managed to find the latest issue of Dengeki Hobby magazine yeterday, which did cheer me up somewhat. The VF-X in 3D section is only two pages long this month, but there are some nice pictures including:

* The new Studio Half Eye 1/100 scale transformable VF-19S resin garage kit which will sell for ¥25,000.

* Two small pictures from the Macross Plus Game Edition including a nice split screen tw player shot.

* A new CG pic of the YF-19 & YF-21 in Gerwalk mode. Perhaps this picture will be the box art for the Macross Plus game?

* Pictures of the new SDF-1 Storm Attacker-Construction mode resin garage kit. I think this kit is going to be released by Yellow Submarine (correct me if I'm wrong shawn) and will sell for ¥19,800. The release date is not confirmed yet I think.

That's all for now.