Macross Newsletter #15
By Graham Parkes 02/20/00

Macross Plus Game Edition

Attached are some more pics of the upcoming Macross Plus game for the Playstation. Still no news on the exact release date for this game and most sources are still saying sometime in Spring 2000. I hope to have some better pics soon.

Macross Cell Phone Madness

Here's a story about something that happened to me today. While it does not concern official Macross merchandise, it is Macross related and pretty cool. At least I think so.

Anyway, when I was out shopping today, I found a cell phone shop here in Hong Kong that has the Macross logo and Ai-Oboete Imasuka song available to be downloaded to Nokia brand cell phones. Heh I now have the Macross logo on my Nokia 3210 phone screen (see attached picture) and my ringing tone is now Ai-Oboete Imasuka. The disadvantage to this is that whenever someone wants to call me, I just want to listen to the music instead of answering the phone.

That's all for now.


thm_Macross phone logo.jpg thm_mpg6.jpg thm_mpg7.jpg thm_mpg8.jpg thm_mpg9.jpg