Macross Newsletter #13
By Graham Parkes 02/10/00

  • Attached are two front pictures and one rear picture on the new Super Deformed VF-1S Strike Valkyrie Battroid keyring by Banpresto. This keyring is part of a set of seven keyrings featuring mecha from the latest incarnation of the Super Robot Wars console games "Super Robot Wars Alpha" for the Playstation, Dreamcast N64(?). The other mecha in this keyring set include Heavy Metal L-Gaim MK. I, RX-78 Gundam, GR-2, Giant Robo and two other mecha that I don't know. Interestingly, Super Robot Wars Alpha is the first ever SRW game to feature mecha from Macross animations and is supposed to feature mecha from Macross, DYRL and Macross Plus. I'm hoping that there will be a second set of keyring perhaps featuring the YF-19 YF-21.
  • Also attached is a scan of the bootleg copy of the Japanese PC strategy game "Macross Another Story". This game was released late last year and is a sequel to 1998's "Macross Since 1983" game. I've been searching for the original of this new game, but have not been able to find it which is why I resorted to buying a bootleg. Unfortunately, although I had no difficulty in installing the game, it will not run. Being only semi-computer literate I'm having to wait for a computer guru friend to come and help me out. At the moment, I can't report on how the game plays. As soon as I get it working I will write a full review.
  • Lastly, I just bought the March 2000 issue of New Type magazine as the cover mentioned there was an article on Gonzo (the company doing the CG animation for the upcoming new Macross OVA "Macross 3D"). Unfortunately, inside there was no mention at all of the new Macross project....sob. However, I did find one item of interest to Macross fans, which was an advertisement for a Flashback 2012 DVD to be released in April. I've attached the ad here. This item is definitely gonna be on my shopping list.
That's all for now,


thm_flashbackdvdad.jpg thm_vf-1skeyringfront2.jpg thm_vf-1skeyringfrontheader.jpg thm_vf-1skeyringrear.jpg thm_macrossanotherstorybootleg.jpg