Macross Newsletter #11
By Graham Parkes 01/22/00

Guys, Attached are the latest pics of the Toycom VF-11 prototype toy from the just released March issue of Dengeki Hobby magazine.

For those of you that have seen the earlier pics of the VF-11, you will notice several changes between this version and the first sculpt. The main changes include simplified landing gear and beefed up joints for extra strength.

For those of you that have access to a good anime bookstore, I highly recommend Dengeki Hobby magazine as they usually feature between 2 to 6 pages of colour pics of Macross models and toys. On the other hand, stay away from Hobby Japan magazine as they usually have zero Macross coverage.

You will also notice in the bottom left hand corner of the attached pic, there is a picture of the cover art for the new Japanese PC strategy game "Macross Another Story". While I don't have this yet, I expect to soon and will write a full report in a later newsletter. I expect this game to be much the same as it's predecessor, "Macross Since 1983". Hopefully, the new game will run on English Windows 95/98 as did the old game.