Macross Newsletter #10
By Graham Parkes 01/10/00

Guys, Attached are pics of the prototype Toycom YF-19 toy in all 3 modes. These pics are from the February issue of Dengeki Hobby magazine.

I think the Toycom YF-19 looks nice, but not as well engineered as the VF-11 toy IMO. Here is my list of minor complaints:-

  • Personally, I don't think the landing gear looks that great when compared with the landing gear on the prototype VF-11 pics.
  • Also it appears that the groin piece of the YF-19 can't fold completely flat in Gerwalk and fighter mode which may block attaching the gunpod in Fighter mode.
  • Note the screw on the forearm just behind the hand. This means that either the hands cannot retract into the forearms or possibly, there are forearm hatches which can be opened and the hands will rotate rearwards into the forearms as per the Studio Half Eye YF-19.
  • Ugly screw socket on the mid-wing pivot point.

Anyway, I'm still gonna buy two or three despite these minor niggles :) The February issue also has some great close-up pics of the Studio Half Eye VF-19 Kai & VA-3, which I haven't scanned yet.