Macross Newsletter #9
By Graham Parkes 12/12/99

Macross 3D

I just picked up the January 2000 issue of Newtype magazine as it has a 2 page article on the upcoming new Macross CG OVA "Macross 3D". I've scanned both pages of this article, which are attached.

Unfortunately, the pictures in the Newtype article are the same as those at:

Which Egan Loo, informed as about a few days ago on the newsgroup.

Still, the Newtype article has a fair amount of text which hopefully, someone on this mailing list can translate for us. Perhaps Windjammer or Shawn's Japanese friend?

Japanese DVD Cover Art

If you look closely at the attached Newtype article, you can also see small pictures of the cover art for the Japanese DVD releases of Macross Macross Plus, which should be due out on 25th January.

Arii 1/24 VF-1S Fight Kit

While looking round some Anime hobby shops today, I came across the new Arii 1/24 scale VF-1S fighter mode model kit on open box display in a shop window. Despite the size of this thing, which is pretty big I was underwhelmed to say the least.

I spent several minutes looking at this kit and basically, from what I observed through the shop window, it is not very detailed for it's size. It reminded me of an overgrown PVC toy.

The kit, which is basically already semi-built only has 33 parts that I counted. The fuselage is already assembled and the only parts that you have to attach are the wings, missiles, canopy, landing gear and vertical stabilizers.

The kit come partially painted and has the famous black and yellow trim already painted on. The landing gear was also already painted. The only major area that needed painting as far as I could tell was the cockpit interior and pilot figure.

IMO this thing is way overpriced. It was selling for US$379! I can't remember what the Japanese retail price is supposed to be, but for what it is I would not even pay half that price!

thm_macross3dnewtype1.jpg thm_macross3dnewtype2.jpg