Macross Newsletter #7
By Graham Parkes 10/23/99

This issue of the newsletter features news and pictures from the just published December issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine. So, if you are not interested in Macross toys and garage kits stop reading now.
I've always thought it strange how magazines are dated. I mean it's still October and already the December issues are out....weird!
Anyway, there are several nice Macross pictures and news items which I will cover by manufacturer.

Studio Half Eye VA-3
Attached is a whole page of pictures of the new 1/100 scale fully variable VA-3 Invader resin garage kit to be released in November at a price of ¥21,000.
Note, that this is the original version of the VA-3 as featured in the 'TIAS Macross Plus' book and not the VA-3-C Custom from Dynamite 7 or the VA-3M from VF-X2.

This kit was first shown to the public at JAF-CON more than a year ago, but release has been delayed until now, I'm guessing because Studio Half Eye has been tied up making their limited edition pre assembled transforming Getter Robo which will sell for a whopping ¥48,000!

Personally, I think the VA-3 kit looks awesome, but it is way beyond my feeble model building skills. I own some of the Studio Half Eye kits, which where built for me by others, and you really do have to be an expert builder to make these things. I'd love to see Toycom make a toy of this.


Studio Half Eye VF-19 Fire Valkyrie
Another transforming 1/100 scale garage kit that was announced months ago, but has been delayed until now. Attached is one picture of the completed kit in Battroid mode. This kit is the way to go if you have the modeling skills and don't like the Bandai transforming toys or models.


Banpresto High Grade Mission 1 Capsule Toys
This set of 5 capsule toys that I first showed in newsletter # 4 should be out at the end of the month and at ¥200 each it's difficult to go wrong.
The December issue of Dengeki Hobby has some beautiful photos of these toys, which I've attached. Obviously, the toys in the attached pictures have been touched up by a skilled painter., but anyway, the toys should still look great straight from the capsule.


Hobby Base Yellow Submarine.
Resin garage kit manufacturer Yellow Submarine have long been known for their Macross garage kits.
Attached here are pictures of the VF-X character figures. One figure comes with each of the 1/144 scale Fighter mode Valkyries that YS is presently releasing.
Also attached is a black and white advertisement of the 1/144 scale VF-19A Fighter which should be out soon.


thm_n7Banpresto High Grade Battroid VF-1J & VF-1S Capsule Toys.jpgthm_n7Banpresto High Grade Tomahawk Capsule ToyDiorama.jpg