Macross Newsletter #6
By Graham Parkes 10/22/99

Subject: Macross Newsletter #6 - Banpresto SD Valkyries The Banpresto Complete Armament SD Valkyrie toys are now in shops here in HK.

I've attached scans of the three boxes and a scan of the back of one box also.

I previously reported that these toys would be a mixture of die-cast metal and plastic. However, as it turns out, they are 100% made of the heavy duty vinyl that Banpresto uses for most of their game prize toys and capsule toys.

The toys are non-transformable and have extremely limited articulation. Basically only the arms at the shoulder junction and the head lasers can rotate There is no articulation at all of the legs and neck.

Despite the above mentioned limitations, the toys are well painted and look great sitting either on a shelf or on top of a computer monitor, where mine are presently residing.

The armor, super and strike parts are interchangeable between the three figures and mostly attach by means of little pegs which slot into corresponding holes in the Valkyries.

I paid HK$60 each for mine which works out to about US$7.75 or GB£4.70.


thm_Banpresto SD Box Rear.jpgthm_Banpresto SD VF-1J.jpgthm_Banpresto SD VF-1S Strike.jpgthm_Banpresto SD VF-1S Super.jpg