Macross Newsletter #2
By Graham Parkes 08/29/99

VF-1S Phone Strap
Attached is a picture of the VF-1S mobile phone strap, the accessory that every well dressed Macross fan should have :-)

Seriously, this item came out around November last year and I've been searching for it since then. I managed to score it today, and I thought you all might want to take a look.

There are actually two versions available, the one I bought which has a red color strap and silver color metal parts and a second version with a blue strap and metallic blue metal parts.

VF-X2 Release
I confirmed today that the official Hong Kong release of VF-X2 is still scheduled for September 2nd. I have not been able to confirm if the game has been released in Japan yet, but last week the Japanese release date was still scheduled for September 2nd. I suspect the pirate version I bought yesterday was probably copied from a pre-release disc perhaps stolen from the manufacturer.

Macross 2000 Calendar
I confirmed today that there will be a year 2000 Macross Calendar. Price will be ¥1,800 and it will be B4 size and have 7 pages (as usual). I have not been able to confirm the title as yet. Calendar cover art is usually announced in September, so I hope to have a picture for you all soon.