Excerpted from ALT.FAN.MACROSS newsgroup 05/30/00

Posted to Newsgroup by Auden Jamison from Toycom

Hello folks,
Attached to this is a picture of the Japanese box for the YF-19.
And now to shed some light on the aesthetic concerns...

1: Most notably, the lines above the intakes (you know what I'm talking about, that those slits on each side) are missing. I'm hoping they won't be stickers, as that's a fairly important part (aesthetically at least). Even if they are stickers, the imprint should still be there in the plastic, as it has been in earlier revisions. Oops, no light here. I am not sure why they did that. Well I'll jot that one down to ask later...

2: The red bulb things (probably a sensor thing of some sort) on each side of > the cockpit looks like it may be done with stickers, again something which I hope isn't, as they're even more important than the slits above the intakes, > and again I'd hope the general shape is there even if stickers need be applied. Last I checked the "Hybrid Sensor Unit" (oh Lord, I've been doing this for
too long) was etched and painted. It has been so on all the protos so far.

3: That screw connection right above the feet (easily visible in the rear view of fighter) is a pretty big gap. Is that really necessary to be there? It looks like either the feet should be bigger, or the back leg part should be shorter right there so as to not leave such a large area right there. Or at least have some plastic overlap so it looks like the feet/engines meet the back of the leg right there without such a large gap. A little extra plastic there would go a long way. Easnoddy got this one right. The heel needs the extra space to fold in and out in Battroid and Gerwalk modes. The more plastic they have in there the less articulation the heel has. (His foot should be like this. It's like this, and it hurts!)

4: The cockpit. There's only 1 seat (the YF-19 is a two seater), and from the looks of the opening, I still say the cockpit could have been made to split so that it opens on both sides. There's a big gap right there has two round things that stick out on either side, that appear not to attach to anything (doesn't look like they connect with anything in Battroid either). That whole area looks like it could either have fit the second seat (the pilots seat), a setup for the split cockpit, or both. Those two round things are connectors that hold the front of the nosecone on
when in jet mode. You can't see the nosecone's attacher thingymabob in these pics b/c of the angle. On the upside though, the legs are very nicely externally rounded, the head is great, and the gunpod & gunpod hand rock. Don't they though. I love that finger on the trigger... make me tingly inside.

Anyway that's it for now.


Auden not George