Toycom Concerns
By Graham Parkes 02/25/00


I phoned Auden at Toycom today to ask him a few questions about the toys and he gave me some good news and some bad news.

YF-21 News

First, the good news. The YF-21 will come with landing gear. Auden told me that the YF-21 that we all saw pictures of from Toy Fare 2000 was only an intermediate prototype and did not have any landing gear. However, he assured me that the final production toy will indeed come with landing gear.

Now for the bad news. It is highly likely that Toycom will not sell the YF-21 with a gunpod at least

initially. Auden told me that Toycom's idea is to release the YF-19 & YF-21 as how they appear in the early episodes of Macross Plus. As the YF-21 does not use it's gunpod much until episode 4,

Toycom are planning not to sell the toy with a gunpod. No, I don't really understand the reasoning behind this either?! At the moment, Toycom are still considering whether to release a separate set of Super parts later on and if they do, the YF-21's gunpod would be released then.

VF-11 News

Now for some other news. I confirmed with Auden that the VF-11's gunpod will be able to attach to the belly in Fighter mode. However, the gunpod will not come with a bayonet.

YF-19 News

In the YF-19 pictures from Toy Fare 2000, the YF-19's gunpod is shown with a small rectangular bump on the top surface near the muzzle. I asked Auden about this and he told me that it is a button that when pressed releases a pin from the underside of the gunpod for attaching to the YF-19 in Fighter mode. the VF-11's gunpod will also have a similar arrangement.

That's all for now.