Toycom Valkyrie Update
By Graham Parkes 10/26/99

Guys, Yesterday I e-mailed Toycom to ask if there is any new news on the Macross Plus toys. Below is a copy of my mail to Auden Jamison of Toycom, followed by Auden's reply that just came in (in yellow).

Dear Auden, It's been a while since there have been any new press releases from Toycom concerning the Macross Plus Toys.
All us Macross fans are dying to hear more news, even if it's something really small such as:

"Today we decided to use a 2mm screw on the YF-21's elbow joint instead of a 3mm screw".

Any piece of news no matter how seemingly insignificant would be much appreciated, so how about more regular updates?

Yours in hope. Graham


Okay here is a quick update... Overall the release date for the Macross Plus toys have been pushed back to "Early 2000" Sometime between January and March. The initial sculpt of the YF-19 is finished, looks good, changes are being made as we speak.

A ball joint has been added to the wrist of the VF-11 so its hands can rotate.

That's all for now.

Thanks for your continued interest.