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The Macross series of kits has been the subject of one of the largest model lines ever produced for an Anime series...Mobile Suit Gundam being the undisputed King. Initial kit production began in 1982 and continues on until this very present day.

There have been no less than 250 kits that I have documented, with many more left to be discovered. Kits have been released for Macross series,DYRL,Flashback 2012,Macross II,Macross Plus,Macross 7, and also from the Macross VF-X game for Playstation(rumored are versions from the newly released Macross VFX-2 game!)

The Valkyries have been the most popular of the series issued. Everything from a 1/24 scale VF-1S Fighter to the 1/1000 fighters included in the Valhala ship kit have seen production.

Many of these kits transform, a spectacular engineering feat, with minimal parts exchange. The Imai 1/72 transformable are my personal favorites in this category. They stay remarkably true to the original Kawamori design, while retaining the variable option. The most complicated and advanced kit is the Club-M 1/48 Strike Valkyrie. It consists of over 360 resin parts. The level of detail is unbelievable, and for nearly $500 it should be. Although it does not transform (it is available in fighter mode only), the options available more than make up for it. You will not find a more accurate Valkyrie representation anywhere. The absolute largest of the valkyries is Arii's 1/24 VF-1S Fighter. Level of detail isn't up to par with the 1/48 Club-M, but the sheer size alone is amazing. Imagine a Valkyrie over 56cm long (1.8 feet) on your coffee table!

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