Yoshiyuki Takani Exhibit

A small gallery exhibition of the works of Yoshiyuki Takani is being held at the Yayoi Museum in Tokyo.

Yoshiyuki Takani was a mechanical and plastic model box artist. Many of his illustrations appeared on early Macross model kits.

The exhibit covers all of Takani’s works, of which Macross only makes up a small fraction.

The exhibit will run from October 3 to December 25. Entrance is 900 yen (adults).

Talkshows and signings are scheduled to be held on November 9 and December 6. Further details can be found on the museums website (Japanese only).

FireBomber Concert and Oshare Macross 7 Goods Announced

With a new Oshare Macross 7 store and a FireBomber concert both less than a month away, it was only a matter of time until details about new merchandise dropped, and dropped they have! Organisers of both events warn that this is only the first wave of merchandise with more set to come.


There will be some awesome Tshirts and hoodies up for grabs at the concert, not to mention official Basara glasses.

Tshirts: 3500yen
Tshirts: 3500yen
Sports Towel: 1500yen
Sports Towel: 1500yen
Hoodies: 6500yen
Hoodies: 6500yen
Glow stick: 2000yen
Glow stick: 2000yen
Basara sunglasses: 6000yen
Basara sunglasses: 6000yen
Chie Kajiura new mini album 'Suimin Heaven': 2000yen
Chie Kajiura new mini album ‘Suimin Heaven’: 2000yen

…as well as assorted Yoshiki Fukuyama and Chie Kajiura merchandise.

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Oshare Macross 7 Announced


The latest in the ‘Oshare’ series of stores/events will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Macross 7 and will be held at Shinjuku Marui Annex from October 17 to November 5th.

No word yet on what sort of art and merchandise will be available but the announcement of the event itself features all new Haruhiko Mikimoro Macross 7 art.

Chojiku Nyan Nyan Cafe & Bar Sneak Peek!


The Macross Frontier-themed ‘Chojiku Nyan Nyan Cafe & Bar‘ at CHARACRO in Ikebukuro is set to open this Sunday, July 27.

However, a special pre-opening event was held on July 24 for approx. 40 lucky fans. Movies were prohibited, but I managed to get a couple of pics. More detailed impressions coming soon.

UPDATE! May’n adds Los Angeles to her Tour! July 17, 2014

Update! Tickets now available for May’n’s L.A show! VIP Meet and greet is extremely limited in supply… Get yours today!



From nekopop.com

May’n returns to Los Angeles for special show at Musicians Institute

J-Pop and anime singer May’n returns to L.A. for a special performance at the Musicians Institute (www.mi.org) in Hollywood, CA, on July 17, 2014. The popular Japanese singer is famous worldwide for her music for numerous films, television series, and anime programs. The concert event is the first American stop in her 10th Anniversary “dots and lines” World Tour which began in February this year.

Known for her work as Sheryl Nome (singing voice) in Macross Frontier and several anime themes such as Accel World, Aria The Scarlet Ammo, Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha, Blood Lad, and Shangri-La, May’n last visited Hollywood in 2012 for her “ROCK YOUR BEATS” World Tour. Her latest album NEW WORLD was released in January in three separate editions, including music videos and a live concert recording.

Read more about it at nekopop.com

Thanks to Greg @ Tune In Tokyo for the lead

Discussion thread

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Arcadia Displays VF-0D Prototype


Arcadia showed up at the Miyazawa Mokei Spring Showcase 2014 today, and boy did they bring the goods!

On display for the first time ever was an early, transformable prototype of the previously announced VF-OD! The Valkyrie is still due to release sometime in 2015, with no specific date set as of yet.

Also announced was a re-issue of the VF-19 Fire Valkyrie, which had previously been issued under the Yamato brand.  The re-issue will come complete with Sound Booster (previously sold separately), and is due to go on sale this fall with no specific date set at this time.


MW forum regular and SpeakerPODcast co-host SAVE was on the scene and was good enough to get a bunch of pics. He even had Mr.K hold the prototype upside down so we could get a better view!

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YF-30 @ Tamashi Nations Akiba Showroom

Starting last Thursday, a special display of Bandai Chogokin Macross Valkyries  opened at Tamashi Nations Akiba Showroom. Included among the Valkyries on display was the YF-30, YF-25 Prophecy, and Ozuma colored YF-29. Of course, the SpeakerPODcast crew dropped by to check it out and get some footage!

The display will run until April 24, so anyone in the area be sure to check it out!