Wonder Festival 2015 Winter Photo Gallery


Wonder Festival 2015 Winter was held yesterday (Feb. 8) at Makuhari Messe, and a couple of members of SpeakerPODcast were on hand to take pics and gather all the latest gossip and info.

Of course, the big news for Macross fans was the announcement of the VF-0A and VF-0S, both tentatively scheduled to be released at some point by the end of 2015.

The VF-0A and VF-0S are not reissues of the older Yamato versions but have been redesigned from scratch. More specifically, a lot of the engineering work that was put into the VF-0D was able to be applied to the 0A and 0S meaning that hopefully some of the QA issues that hampered Yamato’s earlier attempts will not be an issue this time around.

Pricing has yet to be announced although word on the show floor was that fans should expect a price range similar to that of the VF-0D, give or take a little.

The following photo gallery comes courtesy of Save and includes both the VF-0A, 0S, and 0D, garage kits, model kits and even a little bit of Orguss. Because Renato just wouldn’t forgive us if we left it out.

We also ran into original SDF-1 designer Kazutaka Miyatake at the show and had a little chat. But that’s a story for a future episode of SpeakerPODcast.

Shibuyack Deculture Photo Gallery


Shibuyack Deculture (incl. MACROSS THE MUSEUM) opened in Shibuya, Tokyo last Friday and half of the SpeakerPODcast crew was there on opening day to check it out.
Apart from having more merchandise than was originally announced, we were also surprised to find that a small portion of the massive amount of new art from MACROSS CARD FIGHTER was also on display in the merchandise shop.

Full impressions to follow in an upcoming podcast. The following photos come courtesy of Save.

Shibuyack Deculture – Macross Apparel


With the opening of Shibuyack Deculture, featuring MACROSS THE MUSEUM, less than a week away, a second round of exclusive merchandise has just been announced, most of it Macross apparel. An extra corner has also been added to the event, featuring illustrations by guest artists, previously displayed at MACROSS THE DESIGN.

Want to look fashionable during the remainder of this winter? Shibuyack Deculture has you covered!

Baseball caps (Frontier/Sheryl/Ranka ver.): 4200 yen (+ tax)
Hoodies (Yack Deculture ver.): 6000 yen (+ tax)
5 6
Hoodies (Sheryl/Ranka ver.): 6500 yen (+ tax)
7 8 9 10
Shirts: 7800 yen (+ tax)
Tote Bags: 1800 yen (+ tax)
13 12
Sheryl Nome Collection Cord Bracelet: 6500 yen (+ tax)
Sheryl Nome Collection Cord Necklace: 6000 yen (+ tax)
Sheryl Nome Collection Pinkie Ring: 6500 yen (+ tax)
Sheryl Nome Collection Earring Stand w/w.o case: 6500/9800 (+ tax)
Mugs: 1500 yen (+ tax)

Other items available will include phone straps, towels, and other assorted merchandise.

Shibuyack Deculture – Initial Merchandise Announced

Shibuyack Deculture, the upcoming event in Shibuya, Tokyo, that showcases the latest iteration of MACROSS THE MUSEUM, has just announced the initial items of merchandise that fans will be lining up to get their hands on. More will be announced as the attraction’s February 6 open date approaches, with new items being added periodically over the course of the exhibit.

Shibuyack Deculture artcard: 600 yen (+ tax)
Shibuyack Deculture wall scroll: 7800 yen (+ tax)
Skull Squadron Superdimensional (collapsible) container: 6000 yen (+ tax)
Super Dimensionlayer Figures (SDF): 1500 yen each (+ tax)
(acrylic character cut-out standees)
Sheryl Nome Muffler: 5000 yen (+ tax)
DYRL Badges: 300 yen each (+ tax)
Smartphone flip cases: 2500 yen each
(available in both iphone 6 and 6+ sizes. Firebomber, Sheryl & Ranka themes)

Watch this space for new merchandise as it is announced.

Shibuyack Deculture Details Announced

shibuyackAs reported previously, MACROSS THE MUSEUM Ver.2.0, having been held previously at Takarazuka and Ishinomaki, will finally open in Shibuya, Tokyo for a limited time this February.

Featuring an updated version of the life-sized VF-1S cockpit, MACROSS THE MUSEUM will be the center of a larger overall event, SHIBUYACK DECULTURE which will combine an Oshare Macross store, Macross fashion collaborations, a Macross book corner, displays of art from MACROSS THE FIRST, and several Macross-themed food collaborations all within the Shibuya branch of PARCO Department Store.

Thats a heck of a lot of Macross!

The key visual for the event features Ranka, Alto and Sheryl (above) and will be featured on a slew of new merchandise which will be announced over the next two weeks. No event signings or guest appearances have been announced as of yet.

SHIBUYACK DECULTURE will run from February 2nd to February 23rd, 2015. To anyone in the Tokyo area during that period, be sure to check it out!


Macross The Museum RETURNS!


Macross The Museum, the travelling Macross exhibit that was previously held in Hyogo in 2013, and Miyagi in 2014, will be reopening in Tokyo in 2015 for a limited time.

Operating under the event title of Macross ShibuYACK DECULTURE, Macross The Museum Ver. 2.0 will be held at Shibuya Parco and will, like previous versions, feature a 1:1 VF-1S cockpit and other attractions.

Details on new features and talkshow events have yet to be announced, but we do know that the exhibit will be open for a limited-time only – from February 6 to February 23, 2015.

More details to come as they are announced.

NicoNico Special for Macross⊿ Auditionees

さんかくだとNiconico will broadcast a special 2-hour programme, Wednesday December 17, 21:00~23:00 (JST) to offer advice to those thinking of auditioning for the upcoming Macross⊿ tv series, give some hints and tips, and explain how the audition process works.

The special will be hosted by Takeshi Wakazaki.
Special guests will include:

Megumi Nakajima (Ranka Lee, Macross Frontier)
Haruka Chisuga (Mina Forte, Macross 30)
Shiro Sasaki (Music Producer)


Macross⊿ Auditions Start Today

Auditions for idols for the latest Macross tv series commence today. Submissions will be accepted until January 30 (JST) and can be made either online or via Joysound karaoke booths across Japan.

To commemorate the auditions, Macross Card Fighter will be holding a special campaign where users input a new keyword each day in order to get a new Minmei card illustrated by Risa Ebata


(Many thanks to FalconKPD for the tip!)

Macross Superdimensional Chogokin Exhibit


As part of the birthday celebrations for Sheryl Nome this weekend, a ‘Macross x Tamashii Nations Superdimensional Chogokin Exhibit’ was held on the 10th floor of the new Radio Kaikan in Akihabara from Saturday November 22 to Sunday November 23.

This was only one of several birthday events for Sheryl that occurred over the weekend, which I will be posting pics from later. In the meantime though, the following are some pics of the items, classic and new, and cool cool plastic that was on display at the exhibit, courtesy of forum regular and SpeakerPODcast co-host SAVE.

Miyazawa Mokkei Autumn Showcase 2014


The bi-annual Miyazawa Mokkei hobby showcase was held yesterday (Nov. 18) and included a variety of new and upcoming Macross products.
Arcadia brought their A-game with a more complete looking prototype of the VF-OD. (An uncoloured prototype was previously displayed at the Spring Showcase) , while Banpresto turned up with some prototypes for the next batch of Ichiban Kuji figures.

Fortunately. SpeakerPODcast co-host and forum regular Save was on the scene to scoopda some amazing pics.

He also managed to get some clarification on the most important thing of all – the colouring of the VF-0D is still being tweaked. The final version will be shown at the next Wonder Festival in February 2015.