GA Graphic Interview with Yamato’s VF-4G Toy Engineer

VF-4 plans table topCf18 posted a recent interview at the Japanese site, GA Graphics, with the toy engineers that is currently designing the 1/60 VF-4G Lightning at Yamato. Accompanying the interview is a good number of renders and CAD drawings. Some we’ve seen before, but now with much more clarity.

More images after the break.

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Macross celebrates 30th Anniversary

2012 marks a special milestone for the Macross franchise. 30 years ago this October, Super Dimension Fortress: Macross was debuted on Japanese TV. Since then it has spawned sequels, movies, OVAs and countless merchandise including the unforgettable classic, the Takatoku 1/55 VF-1 Valkyrie.

To celebrate the anniversary, Bandai visual is releasing 2 box sets of SDF: Macross in Bluray. One as a standard set and the other is called the complete edition. Yamato has also announced that they are releasing a web shop exclusive of the long awaited VF-4 valkyrie in 1/60 scale. Stay tune we wait for more merchandise announcements through out the year.

Happy Anniversary from Macross World!

Angel’s Paint Special Edit Presentation

As part of Macross World’s celebration of Macross’ 30th Anniversary and this year coinciding with the year the Megaroad was launched as seen in Flashback 2012, we will be giving a special monthly video presentation. We start off appropriately enough with Angel’s Paint. The song and animation that features the footage mostly associated when discussing Flashback 2012. This unofficial version has been edited to run all the way thru the song, unlike the two parter found on the commercial release.