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SpeakerPODcast Ep.19 – 2014 Macross Wrap-up


In December. the SpeakerPODcast crew sat down to talk about what we do and don’t know about Macross Δ , before reporting on seeing Arcadia’s VF-0D up close and personal, meeting Mikimoto Haruhiko, crashing Sheryl Nome’s birthday celebrations, thrilling to a Shoji Kawamori & Hidetaka Tenjin talkshow, and rocking out at Firebomber BASARA EXPLOSION 2014!

Oh, and has Renato found a clue as to the fate of the Megaroad 01 that has been sitting right under our noses for the past 20 years? Tune in to find out!

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SpeakerPODcast - listen to it. Basara & Mylene do.

SpeakerPODcast – listen to it. Basara & Mylene do.

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Timestamps, photos and more after the JUMP!

"Oh hey there, I made this."

“Oh hey there, I made this.”

00:01:13 - The Delta Report
00:07:16 - Macross THE MUSEUM is comin’ to Tokyo
00:08:00 - Oshare Macross & Mikimoto Haruhiko signing
00:20:40 - Chie Kajiura’s LABORATORY #09
00:34:43 - Firebomber 2015 BASARA EXPLOSION!
00:51:16 -  May’n’s RE: May’n Act
00:54:37 - Miyazawa Mokei Winter Exhibit & the VF-0D.
01:06:57 - Has Renato discovered the fate of the Megaroad o1?!?
01:09:42 - Sheryl Nome Birthday Celebrations & Hi-Metal R!
01:27:54 - Shoji Kawamori x Hidetaka Tenjin Talkshow

Macross Delta Idols

Macross Delta Idols



Happy Birthday Sheryl...both of you ^^;

Happy Birthday Sheryl…both of you ^^;

SpeakerPODcast STRIKES!

SpeakerPODcast STRIKES!

Wait, why re they playing Macross 2 at Sheryl's bir...oooohhh Ishtar ♥︎

Wait, why are they playing Macross 2 at Sheryl’s bir…oooohhh Ishtar ♥︎