First Macross FB7 Trailer

Premiered at the Bandai Namco booth at the Tokyo Game Show earlier today, the official FB7 website has just posted the first trailer for Macross FB7.



Japan Cinema article on Noboru Ishiguro

A new series of articles on the late Noboru Ishiguro has just begun to be serialized on Japan Cinema.

By the way, I took the above photograph myself and it is probably my favourite photo of Ishiguro-san ever!

You can read part 1, focusing on the life of Ishiguro, here:

The links at the end lead right here to Macross World; my intention is to spread the knowledge of Japanese animation across various platforms.  I hope you enjoy the article.  More to come!


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Megaroad Launch Ceremony 2012 – Event Report

The MC turned to Sho Hayami, a dead serious look on her face.

‘At fanclub events, there’s something very important that we ask all of the guests.’

Sho was all dressed up, pimped out in a silver sequin-lined suit with big dark glasses. He looked more like something out of a 70’s yakuza flick than a voice actor. He paused, evidently troubled by the request.


Looking quickly around the room, the MC picked up the microphone. ‘So…are you Team Sheryl or Team Ranka?’

He slowly looked over at Megumi Nakajima and Aya Endo on the other side of the hall, thinking.

‘…..I think I’d have to say….Team Ranka.’

At least half the hall erupted into surprised cheers. Aya’s jaw dropped, a look of shock on her face.

Most people said Sheryl. Others (such as Kawamori) took the easy way out by siding with Grace. To have such a high profile guest, let alone a member of the original SDFM TV’s cast, choose Ranka was practically unheard of.

But Sho hadn’t finished.

‘But I’d probably want to swap between the two every other day.’

Aya paused. ‘That’s probably a bit much.’ She looked at Megumi. ‘How about every other week?’

Megumi nodded in agreement.

‘…….sure’ said Sho.

And with that, Captain Max had again proved that he was still just as much of a genius when it came to the ladies, as he was in a Valkyrie cockpit.

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30th Anniversary News Roundup – 09/14

It’s been a great week for announcements of ways you can blow yet more money on Macross stuff! So, without further ado, lets get into it!








1) Macross 7 BD Box Set art/design revealed

Courtesy of Amazon Japan, the design for the new box sets definitely places its thematic emphasis in FIRE! rather than the more subdued design of the old DVD boxsets.

Box 1 will be released on October 26, with Box 2 due to follow on December 21.









2) New merch and 3D posters

Clear files of three Macross collaborations with well-known manga artists will go on sale from Sept. 14. These will also be available as postcards and will only be available at MACROSS: THE DESIGN at Fukuoka Parco.




The cover artwork of Satelights creators files official doujin is also getting the same treatment. Again these go on sale from Sept. 14. Each clear file costs 367yen, with the collaboration postcards priced at 157yen each.




Two pieces of art are also being re-released as 3D posters on September 22 for 2100yen each. These, as well as the creators files covers, will be available at several Macross events as well as at the Tokyo Anime Center Official Shop.

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Macross 30th Anniversary Emergency Live Broadcast!

A Macross 30th Anniversary Emergency Live Broadcast was aired on Niconico Live from 21:00~22:50 on Sept. 13.
Guests included: Megumi Nakajima (Ranka, Macross Frontier), Shion Tsuchiya (Ash Anderson, MUSICALTURE), Kanae Yoshii (Sakura Crawford, MUSICALTURE), Sayaka Kanda (Charlotte Marion=Glass, MUSICALTURE), and Chiaki Kyan (MC).

The bulk of the show was split between three segments – Musicalture, Macross FB7 and a Macross Trivia Quiz.

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Memorial Service for Noboru Ishiguro held

Friday September 7th, 2012 saw a special gathering of high-profile Japanese animation industry guests to pay their respects for the late Noboru Ishiguro, director of “Super Dimension Fortress Macross”, just one among many, many of his works of anime spanning the entire near-50-year history of the industry.

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Animax Broadcasts & Studio Musix Special

Anime cable channel ANIMAX announced at the Megaroad Launch Ceremony on Sunday (09/02) that it would be rebroadcasting 8 different Macross movies and OVA’s over the course of 8 weeks starting from October.

Oct. 7: Do You Remember Love?

Oct. 14: Macross 2 (eps 1-3)

Oct. 21: Macross 2 (eps 4-6)

Oct. 28: Macross Plus Movie Edition

Nov. 4: Macross 7 – The Galaxy is Calling Me!

Nov. 11: Macross Dynamite 7

Nov. 18: Macross Zero

Nov. 25: False Songstress/Wings of Farewell double feature

This was followed up by an announcement on Monday (09/03 – from forum user antibiotictab) that Animax would also be broadcasting a 60min studio Macross Music event on October 7 (to be rebroadcast on Oct. 13 & 14) to commemorate the franchises 30th Anniversary. ‘Studio Musix’ is a series of monthly specials featuring anime-related artists.

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Latest Anniversary News

A bunch of news (most of it relating to new merchandise) has just dropped, so let’s dig around a bit and see what we will all be spending too much money on over the upcoming months.

Macross FB7 – Preorder ticket bonuses.

Starting at the Chara-hobby show last weekend, special pre-order tickets for Macross FB7 have started appearing for sale at several events. These sell for 1300yen and come with a free poster. There are, however, other items that come with certain tickets.

-2000yen gets you a Crystal Print.

-1700yen gets you either a Sheryl or Ranka phone strap.








But wait! There’s more….

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ANN Interviews Haruhiko Mikimoto

Rebecca Silverman over at Anime News Network has had the enviable opportunity to talk with famed Macross character designer Haruhiko Mikimoto.

Read all about it HERE.

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