Commemorative Macross Plus Theatrical Screenings Announced


During the Macross Fanclub Net Meeting last night it was announced that Macross Plus Movie Edition would be screened in theatres for the first time in 18 years to commemorate the upcoming release of the Bluray boxset.

The screenings will be held at a limited number of locations throughout Japan and will be all-night marathons that include: Macross Plus Movie Edition, Do You Remember Love, and one of the two Macross F movies (which one is screened depends on session and location) . Additionally, one screening in Tokyo will include a 30 minute ‘talkshow’ by Shoji Kawamori and Isamu Dyson’s VA Takumi Yamazaki. Attendees will recieve a commemorative clear file.

Session details are as follows:

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Mikimoto will attend Animazement in Raleigh, NC

Taken from their site Animazement.orgAnimazement is an all-volunteer, fan-run anime convention in Raleigh, North Carolina, celebrating popular Japanese visual culture in all of its forms. The parent organization of Animazement, Educational Growth Across Oceans (EGAO) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Haruhiho Mikimoto, character designer of SDF Macross, DYRL, Macross II and Macross 7 and the currently running manga Macross The First will be a guest for this con. Please check their site for schedules and other infos.


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DarrinG’s 1/60 TV Series Macross Diorama


Late last year MW member DarrinG contacted me and asked if I had any more of my 1:60 scale Super Happy Figures and specifically asked for the TV series characters. I thought I was out of them but rummaging through my extra resin box it turned out that I had almost a full set that were just sitting there waiting to be part of someone’s collection. I responded to his PM and told him that I had a few left and his response was pretty much “I’ll take them all as long as they’re TV version.” It made me wonder what the hell was brewing over there and why did it sound so urgent. It turned out that he commissioned a hangar and he was looking to fill it with Macross toys, vehicles and figures. It sounded like a really cool project and naturally, I was interested to see this project in its finished form.  Last week, he contacted me to tell me it was done and sent me some pictures. I asked him if I can put it up on our front page. I also sent him a list of questions regarding the project…


Macross SpeakerPODcast Ep.8, Part 2 – EGAN LOO SPEAKS!



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Timestamps and more after the JUMP.

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Macross SpeakerPODcast Ep.8, Part 1 – EGAN LOO SPEAKS!


Macross SpeakerPODcast returns, this time with special guest, Anime News Network‘s own EGAN LOO! (This means we’re legit now or something, right?). You might know him better as the author of the original Macross Compendium.

We reveal the secret behind Macross 30’s extras and check out Yamato Toy’s old office.

Oh yeah, we also meet some guy called Shoji Kawamori.


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Timestamps and more after the JUMP.

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New FB7 Package art revealed!

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This one sneaked in under the radar — Amazon JP has revealed the new box art for the “Macross FB7 Ore no Uta wo Kike!” movie Blu-ray set.  Oh, and it’s FANTASTIC.

Are you a Mikimoto fan, or an Ebata fan?  Why choose — HAVE BOTH!

FB7 is out on April 24th, 2013.

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EDIT: Bandai 1/72 Transformable VF-1A/S Now on Pre-Order w/ even more pictures added.


bandai 1-72 vf-1 battroidWMI’m surprised to see Bandai’s new 1/72 VF-1 triple changing kit on preorder already. We’ve been following their updates ever since they announced it late October of last year. I’m not surprised because it seems that it’s development has been fast, but to announce it while it’s so off model from anything we’ve seen since the 1/55 or the those Banpresto 1/72 we used to buy for less than $10. From the huge head to the large upper leg that is the intakes in Fighter mode, I’ve never really expected to see anything like this at this day and age. The 1/55s I can’t or would ever complain about, but in 2013 and on the heels of Hasegawas and Yamato releases, it’s pretty mind boggling how a major company like this can’t or doesn’t seem to understand a well documented design. And this has all been after the improvements that they wrote about on their project blog. Sometimes it makes me wonder whether or not bandai uses engineers that has seen Macross shows or books before. If it doesn’t work then we’ll blame it on how people don’t really like Macross anymore or how the economy sucks for toy companies that support this franchise, especially after the whole Yamato debacle. If it does work then maybe we’re doomed to  Macross products that are off model and pretty much dismisses line art. Hopefully there’s still a version 3 to this rendition before it actually goes on sale, or it’s a lose-lose scenario for Macross collectors

Amazon product page

Initial Announcement


Update with new pics posted by ahiachris

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March Madness At Our Facebook Page! Vote Now!!!

It’s March Madness at our Facebook Page! Vote for your favorite valks and pilots!

March Madness Sweet Sixteen

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Mandy Amano Announces The Winner for The Macross World Facebook Fan Page Contest

World’s biggest Minmay fan, Manda Amano, announces the winner for The Macross World Facebook Fan Page Contest for reaching 2000 likes.

Congratulations to Jeff Sigler!

Thanks Mandy!


Macross II video review time!!

The infamous “sequel” gets a rundown on Anime Abandon. So just why did it get booted out into its own continuity? Do its good parts compensate the bad ones? Just watch the link below to find out: