2012 MacrossWorld Convention is tomorrow! Real Time Reports!!!

It was a lot more fun when our convention number matched the year it was… 2008 – 8th Annual, 2009 – 9th Annual, 2010… well you get it. But for some reason we decided to take last year off. But the excitement of the 30th Anniversary of the franchise we all know and love has got our blood and juices pumping once more. Can we still call it Annual? Well, let’s wait a year to see.

But for the first time ever, we’ll be bringing you real time photo updates of the convention at our Facebook page. Come celebrate by posting and liking threads and photos taken at the event.

Also if you have any images you want to send us to post here on our main page for our post con report, feel free to send it to

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Macross the MUSICALTURE – Report

Macross The MUSICALTURE was performed a total of eight times from October 3 to October 8 at Tokyo Dome City Hall. I was fortunate enough to attend the midday performance on Saturday, Oct. 6.

For the first couple of months following the musical’s announcement it had one major thing in common with many other events held to commemorate Macross’ 30th Anniversary – no-one really knew quite what it was, or how the basic concepts and key three pillars of Macross could be translated into a stage performance. Just over a month prior to opening night details began to be posted on the official website – a page of text setting up the basic story premise aboard the pacifist Macross 29, ‘character’ artwork and profiles, some short clips of cast members covering various Macross songs. But not long after, less promising information started to come to light. Actor Takuya Kikuchi, who was due to play Neo-Zentran leader Vigo Walgria , dropped out citing personal reasons. He was replaced by understudy  Yuusuke Hirose with only weeks before the production was due to start. Refunds were offered to anyone wanting one – apparently Takuya was the main draw for quite a few female fans.But then real disaster struck.

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Miss Macross Maniacross Quizz

It’s October 10th, which means it’s the birthday of the first idol most Macross fans fell in love with (hey, we were young and didn’t know any better!). That’s right, its Lynn Minmay’s birthday!

To celebrate the occasion, the Macross Fanclub is holding an online quiz from October 10th ~ 24th: ‘Miss Macross Maniacross – Lynn Minmay Birthday Special Contents’. The quiz is actually a flash game and clearing it with full marks allows participants to enter a draw for a special Minmay-themed tote-bag, not dissimilar to the ‘Song for Basara‘ flash game that was posted back in August.

Unfortunately the quiz is open to fanclub members only, but it looks a little like this…

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Animax Macross Special

On Sunday, October 7, Animax screened the previously reported Macross studio live as part of ongoing 30th Anniversary festivities. The program started at 21:00 and lasted for just under an hour.

Hit the jump for far, far too many pictures…

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