New Macross 30 Animated Trailer

The latest trailer for the upcoming PS3 game Macross 30 – Ginga wo Tsunagu Utagoe has gone live on Bandai Namco Game’s youtube channel. The trailer focuses on the games newly animated scenes (and therefore includes no actual gameplay footage) but features more than a few familiar faces.

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Podcast: Retrospective on Yamato Macross Toys


As previously reported HERE, Yamato, the company that brought fans the greatest Macross toys ever is undergoing some changes and forthcoming Macross-licensed items will now be sold under the Arcadia brand.

The evolution of Yamato’s Macross products have always been somewhat synchronous with the growth of Macrossworld as a fansite, seeing as they both began at around the same time, making this transition all the more poignant.

This sign of the changing times gives us  an opportunity to look backand reminisce all the elation and/or frustration that Yamato’s products have given us over their 13-year journey exceeding time and space.

Thus MW member VF5SS and I (Renato from the Macross Speaker Podcast) got together for a talk session where we powered through Yamato’s entire back-catalogue, with a smattering of insights on the company philosophy and the changing nature of the market taken from an interview I personally conducted with Yamato Toys staff in June 2012.

The host page on CollectionDX, including a long list of links to every Yamato Valkyrie review on the site is here:


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And discussion threads are HERE (Movies and Series Forum) and HERE (Toys Forum)



Oshare Macross VD @ Shinjuku Marui One 02/6~02/21, 2013


The latest in Shinjuku Marui One’s Oshare Macross in-store exhibits – ‘Oshare Macross VD (Valentine’s Day) – opened on Wednesday, February 6th, to 3-degree temperatures, chilling winds, and snow. As with past exhibits, the latest Oshare Macross is rather small in scale and is made up of three main attractions:

(1) Merchandise –  a Macross-themed store on the first floor featuring several new and exhibit-only items and a whole bunch of other Macross stuff, fashion design collaborations with popular brands, Macross-themed sweets or deserts

(2)A small exhibit of Macross-related art – this time for the upcoming Macross 30 PS3 game
(3)Some sort of autograph session with a special guest which is usually held at a later date mid-way through the exhibit.

This exhibits special guest was actually the same as the previous one’s  (Oshare Macross 30Hirotaka Marufuji. If Marufuji’s name isn’t a familiar one it should be. He was the Chief Animation Director on Macross Frontier meaning that he has drawn Sheryl more times than Risa Ebata herself. He adapted many classic Macross characters to the newer, updated versions that were used in the Macross pachinko games. Most importantly, he is the lead character designer for Macross 30.

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Bandai Namco Live Macross 30 special streaming broadcast images

Here are some screencaps from the special 1-hour live streaming broadcast showcasing the much-hyped upcoming PS3 game “Macross 30″ by Bandai Namco.  The show was mostly jokey talk with Macross reminiscing (“But is Exedore in the game??” etc), with special guests “Basara Sato” from Famitsu and “Chakku” from Bandai-Namco.

Somebody uploaded the gameplay sections of the programme to Youtube here:

See more images after the jump!

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Winter WonderFest 2013 Macross Stage images and summary


As previously announced, two Macross-themed talk/stage shows were streamed live through Nico Nico on Sunday, courtesy of Max Factory and the Good Smile Company to promote the new Macross 30 game, some Nendroid figures and a Sheryl statue, featuring  the Macross newcomer, Haruka Chisuga and friends.

Click the link below to see and read the highlights of the two shows!




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Farewell Yamato, hello Arcadia of my youth


Here’s something straight out of left field, Yamato Co. Ltd has changed to an entirely new company and will now be known as ARCADIA Co., Ltd.

Aside from the unannounced corporate change and new office relocation, things still appeared to be business as usual regarding their Wonder Festival 2013 booth. From here on their ball jointed doll, figure and Macross products will be distributed within Japan under the Arcadia banner. Products that are licensed and imported from outside Japan will continue to be sold under their former Yamato branding. The North American Yamato USA (f.k.a. Toycom, Inc.) office is said to be unaffected by despite their Tokyo headquarters changes.

Given this change, there was very little in the way of Macross-related content at their booth this show, with the few products that were on display being collaboration projects. Among these were:

-a Hasegawa VF-1 model kit with a special 30th Anniversary paint scheme designed by Hidetaka Tenjin

-the infamous Basara guitar – some new specs were listed next to it but still no price or release date yet.

-a ball-jointed Hikaru Ichijo doll (possibly 1:8) – while only preliminary designs were on display, the face/hair were looking promising.

-a VF-1 cockpit – presumably in 1:8 for the doll to sit in.


Unfortunately pictures were strictly prohibited and most of the above information is tentative at best, so watch this space for any future announcements!


“Macross Crossover Live 30″ teased!

The Wonder Festival special events are currently underway, and during the commercial break in between the live performances by Yoshiki Fukuyama and Haruka Chisuga (see here: was a very brief but important teaser!

Rememer this post?

Well, the link now diverts to the website for the “MACROSS CROSSOVER LIVE 30″ site:

Yes, the Macross Crossover Live, that once-in-a-lifetime concert from 2009 featuring all the Macross singers IS BACK!

The new concert will be held in Makuhari Messe in Chiba (where WonderFest is taking place right now) on July 13th, 2013.

Here is an image from 2009’s gathering.

If you follow the site link, you may notice the addition of a certain Marduk Emulator…


(So how is it once in a lifetime?  NEVER MIND THAT!!)

More details on the rest of today’s WonderFest hijinks coming soon!

And for those of you who missed the live streaming performance of Fukuyama and Chisuga, don’t forget that one more stage is planned for later tonight featuring Chisuga and May’n:


Macross VF Poll Results

The Macross VF Poll that was run on Facebook from January 16 to February 8 has ended and the results are in!

The classics are called so for a reason it would appear, as the good old VF1S placed first.


Full listing after the jump →

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Macross Fanclub Website has posted a countdown, but for what?

This is set to coincide with Winter WonderFest 2013? Is it for the “WonderFest Macross Stage” streamed event? Or something more?