News Tidbits

A few bits and pieces of supplementary news trickled down over the past week or so.

(1) Macross SP Cross Deculture Game

Further screenshots have been released of the upcoming Bndena Mobage smartphone game. The games website now also allows pre-registration for this free-to-play title. Pre-registering apparently nets the user some free item(s) for use in the game.









(2) DYRL, Macross F Theatrical Screening

Moviegoers who attend the special all-night Macross marathon (Do You remember love, The False Songstress, The Wings of Farewell) at Shinjuku Wald9 on July 6, 7 or 13 will be receive a special clear file in return for being deprived of sleep.

(3) The official website for the Fire Bomber 2012 concerts has gone live!  While it doesn’t have much in the way of news yet, keep an eye on it for future updates!

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Ron5864′s Photoreal Toy Valkyries

We saw Ron’s amazing dioramas at the previous Macross World Conventions before, and now he’s using his awesome talents to put these depictions of his amazingly detailed valkyrie toys in flight. It’s either that or he knows about some secret base that builds actual valkyries that can fly and he can somehow stay close enough to take pictures.

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MacrossWorld feeds

Yes! Today, as Macross World catches up to the 21st Century we decided to add feeds to the site. Facebook, Twitter or an RSS feed… What ever tickles your social networking fancy. This pretty much completes our journey to the darkside.

But as always, you can find us here on good ol’! Unofficially serving the Macross Fan old school style since December 1st,1999!

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Macross 7 Bluray Boxset Details Announced

Forum user Antibiotictab has come up with a scoop regarding details for the upcoming Macross 7 BD boxsets.

There will be two separate boxsets, with an RRP of 29,400yen each.

Complete Fire 1 will be released on October 26 and includes eps 1-29 and 60mins worth of extras.

Extras will include a tv special ‘Macross Full Speed Ahead!’, seven of the comical Macross 7 plus shorts, music videos for Try Again (acoustic ver.), Holy Lonely Night (Live ver.), and clean versions of OP & ED ‘Seventh Moon’ and ‘My Friends.’ Audio extras will include a new audio commentary track, ‘Macross Festival ’95′, ‘Macross 7 Fire Bomber Galaxy network Vol. 0′, and  ’Macross Dynamite 7 Fire Bomber Galaxy Fun Net.’

Complete Fire 2 will be released on December 21 and includes eps 30-49, The Galaxy is Calling Me theatrical movie and the 4 episode Macross 7 Dynamite OVA, as well as an additional 60mins worth of extras.

Extras will include the remaining Macross 7 plus shorts, a TV Commercial collection, ‘Fire Movie Karaoke’,  ’Macross 25th Anniversary Live Digest’, clean OP & ED for ‘dakedo baby’, ‘Dynamite Explosion’ and ‘Parade’, theatrical trailer, ‘Macross Festival ’95′, and the opening animation from the M3 Dreamcast game, as well as a newly recorded audio commentary.

Both boxsets are currently available for preorder on Amazon Japan at a 26% discount.

Complete Fire 1 preorder.

Complete Fire 2 preorder.


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“Macross: Do You Remember Love” & “Macross Frontier Movies 1+2″: Triple bill theatrical screening in July; plus “DYRL” TV Special to air

This has been known for a while but I figured I ought to front-page it sooner rather than later, plus new details keep being added every so often.

To celebrate its much-hyped Blu-ray debut next month, “Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love”, the movie that showed impressionable 80s kids that “you can still fight when you’re drunk” * is back on the BIG SCREEN, yes, in Technicolor and all that jazz, for a limited time only.  To differentiate it from the last Tokyo screening in 2010, this time they are using the newly remixed 5.1 channel soundtrack, so you can experience it in a completely fresh way.

Not only that, but it’s running back-to-back with screenings of the two “Macross Frontier” movies (“Itsuwari no Utahime/The False Songstress” and “Sayonara no Tsubasa/The Wings of Farewell”), to round off a monster triple-bill TRIANGLER of a Macross movie marathon.

So bring your friends, your mega-size popcorn and your deodorant, because we’re in for a dusk-till-dawn test of hardcore sci-fi-robot-action-romance-all-singing-all-dancing-space-opera-schoolgirl-slapping endurance!  “The women must not penetrate!”

Shinjuku Wald 9 (katakana-pronounced as “Baruto 9″, bizzarely) will be hosting this triple screening on three nights, details follow. Continue reading