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Mandy Amano Announces The Winner for The Macross World Facebook Fan Page Contest

World’s biggest Minmay fan, Manda Amano, announces the winner for The Macross World Facebook Fan Page Contest for reaching 2000 likes.

Congratulations to Jeff Sigler!

Thanks Mandy!


Macross II video review time!!

The infamous “sequel” gets a rundown on Anime Abandon. So just why did it get booted out into its own continuity? Do its good parts compensate the bad ones? Just watch the link below to find out:



Mylene Night #03 Report: Chie sings Macross Plus


February 2nd, 2013 was a date that will be remembered for many things. For one, it was the birthday of Mylene Jenius (-18!). Of course, this meant that Chie Kajiura held another one of her ‘Mylene Night’ concerts to commemorate Mylene’s birthday. Most importantly though, February 2nd 2013 was the day that Chie irrefutably claimed the title of Macross cover queen, something that most people had previously attributed to Megumi Nakajima.

How? Two words. Macross Plus.

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It’s Macross Month on Anime Abandon!

Is Macross Plus the greatest OVA ever made? Bennett “The Sage” makes the case on his show “Anime Abandon”. Sage is an online entertainer and reviewer specializing in recent video games and old anime. You can watch part one of his M+ review following the link below:

For more 90’s anime craziness, you can check his other reviews on, home of the “Nostalgia Critic” and many other satirical reviewers of movies, television shows, popular music, comics and video games both old and new.



A Message to Macross World from May’n

How cute is that? May’n says “Hello” to MacrossWorld! Rock much, diva? All hail May’n!



New Macross Merchandise (03/15)

The Oshare Macross Exhibit will be opening in Kyoto for the first time ever from March 23rd to March 31st. This means two things: (1)Some sort of signing event (in this case, a Hidetaka Tenjin autograph session for the first 100 customers who spend 3000yen or more on opening day) and (2) NEW MERCHANDISE!

One of the most interesting new items is a new 3D poster based on a piece by Hidetaka Tenjin. While this piece isn’t new, it has apparently undergone some ‘retouches’ for this latest version. The 3D poster will cost 2100yen and will be sold exclusively at the event (for now)

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Macross The First Vol. 5 Cover Revealed/Release Date

macross the first vol 5

Thanks to Jefuemon for posting this. The Macross the First Volume 5 Cover has been revealed on and it features a glorious cover with Captain Bruno Gloval and the lovely “Bridge Bunnies” Vanessa, Kim and Shammy. Scheduled to ship March 26, 2013.




Macross Plus BD Box Art Revealed

Macross Plus Box

Volume 19 of Newtype Ace has revealed, via a tiny thumbnail-sized picture, the box artwork for the upcoming Macross Plus BD Boxset.

Done, as previous boxsets, by the true Master of Valkyries Hidetaka Tenjin, the piece shows crossing YF-19 and YF-21, encircled by Sharon Apples infamous chain logo.

The jacket art for the box set has not yet been revealed. Macross Plus Complete Bluray Box will be released on June 21 for 17850yen. It will contain the English dub, but no English subs.

Follow the conversation in progress here.