VF-4G Transformation Photo Gallery


At Yamato’s annual open showroom back on Dec. 2, Save and I got a step-by-step walkthrough of how to transform the VF-4G, courtesy of some on-site staff.
Thanks to Save’s photoshop skills (editting done in the middle of a podcast recording, no less), kick-ass camera, and…fingers, we have been able to put together the following photographic walkthrough on how to transform the VF-4G. Save has also included a few more miscellaneous pics of Yamato’s latest as well.


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Macross 30 — YF-30’s Battroid and Gerwalk modes revealed!

The Macross 30 updates come thick and fast!

A few days ago, it was revealed that “Macross 30″, the long-awaited full PS3 game on sale in February, would feature a new Valkyrie — the YF-30 Chronos.

Well, now thanks to Famitsu’s regular news updates, we have the first images of the new Valkyrie in all three modes, and — as hinted at by the short clip of Kawamori playing with his Lego prototype in the recent promo video — it features an interesting appendage…
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Many more images from Famitsu here

And ANN’s article can be found here

And, of course, you can discuss all about the game right here in the forum.



Once again fellow Macross fans, James Wong and Vanpang managed to catch up with May’n san, during AFA 2012 on 9th November 2012 at The Changi Village Hotel, Singapore.

The interview was conducted together with other media representatives from Hexishe, Ani-Culture,Teenage, Anime Shrine and Seiyunews (Japanese Media).

Due to the constraint of time and her busy schedule,all Media present there were given a limited number of questions to be put forward to her.

All her answers were conveyed to the Media in English through a translator and as such some content maybe lost in translation….

[EXO: Man we really need some Megumi fanatics on these boards… ^_^ ]

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First Macross 30 TV CM

As spotted by forum regular VF-15 Banshee, Bandai Namco has just posted the first tv commercial for the upcoming Macross 30 game for the Playstation 3.

Join the discussion in progress here.


MACROSS 30 – New Trailer & Gameplay Details

Announced back in September at Tokyo game Show 2012, Macross 30: The Voice that Connects the Galaxy is seemingly the dream-team game on HD consoles that Macross fans have been waiting for. Featuring characters from all Macross series to date, as well as new ones, and a new Valkyrie designed by Shoji Kawamori himself, each new screenshot of the game looks better and better.

But what is the game actually about? And how is it that so many characters – both dead and alive – are going to make an appearance?

Here’s a roundup of what we know so far, along with screenshots…

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Macross 30 YF-30 Kronos Schematics

Here’s what the YF-30 Kronos is going to look like fr the PS3 Game. Now the question is… who’s making the toy?