Shibuyack Deculture – Macross Apparel


With the opening of Shibuyack Deculture, featuring MACROSS THE MUSEUM, less than a week away, a second round of exclusive merchandise has just been announced, most of it Macross apparel. An extra corner has also been added to the event, featuring illustrations by guest artists, previously displayed at MACROSS THE DESIGN.

Want to look fashionable during the remainder of this winter? Shibuyack Deculture has you covered!

Baseball caps (Frontier/Sheryl/Ranka ver.): 4200 yen (+ tax)
Hoodies (Yack Deculture ver.): 6000 yen (+ tax)
5 6
Hoodies (Sheryl/Ranka ver.): 6500 yen (+ tax)
7 8 9 10
Shirts: 7800 yen (+ tax)
Tote Bags: 1800 yen (+ tax)
13 12
Sheryl Nome Collection Cord Bracelet: 6500 yen (+ tax)
Sheryl Nome Collection Cord Necklace: 6000 yen (+ tax)
Sheryl Nome Collection Pinkie Ring: 6500 yen (+ tax)
Sheryl Nome Collection Earring Stand w/w.o case: 6500/9800 (+ tax)
Mugs: 1500 yen (+ tax)

Other items available will include phone straps, towels, and other assorted merchandise.


Shibuyack Deculture – Initial Merchandise Announced

Shibuyack Deculture, the upcoming event in Shibuya, Tokyo, that showcases the latest iteration of MACROSS THE MUSEUM, has just announced the initial items of merchandise that fans will be lining up to get their hands on. More will be announced as the attraction’s February 6 open date approaches, with new items being added periodically over the course of the exhibit.

Shibuyack Deculture artcard: 600 yen (+ tax)
Shibuyack Deculture wall scroll: 7800 yen (+ tax)
Skull Squadron Superdimensional (collapsible) container: 6000 yen (+ tax)
Super Dimensionlayer Figures (SDF): 1500 yen each (+ tax)
(acrylic character cut-out standees)
Sheryl Nome Muffler: 5000 yen (+ tax)
DYRL Badges: 300 yen each (+ tax)
Smartphone flip cases: 2500 yen each
(available in both iphone 6 and 6+ sizes. Firebomber, Sheryl & Ranka themes)

Watch this space for new merchandise as it is announced.


SpeakerPODcast Ep.19 – 2014 Macross Wrap-up


In December. the SpeakerPODcast crew sat down to talk about what we do and don’t know about Macross Δ , before reporting on seeing Arcadia’s VF-0D up close and personal, meeting Mikimoto Haruhiko, crashing Sheryl Nome’s birthday celebrations, thrilling to a Shoji Kawamori & Hidetaka Tenjin talkshow, and rocking out at Firebomber BASARA EXPLOSION 2014!

Oh, and has Renato found a clue as to the fate of the Megaroad 01 that has been sitting right under our noses for the past 20 years? Tune in to find out!

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SpeakerPODcast - listen to it. Basara & Mylene do.

SpeakerPODcast – listen to it. Basara & Mylene do.

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Timestamps, photos and more after the JUMP!

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Shibuyack Deculture Details Announced

shibuyackAs reported previously, MACROSS THE MUSEUM Ver.2.0, having been held previously at Takarazuka and Ishinomaki, will finally open in Shibuya, Tokyo for a limited time this February.

Featuring an updated version of the life-sized VF-1S cockpit, MACROSS THE MUSEUM will be the center of a larger overall event, SHIBUYACK DECULTURE which will combine an Oshare Macross store, Macross fashion collaborations, a Macross book corner, displays of art from MACROSS THE FIRST, and several Macross-themed food collaborations all within the Shibuya branch of PARCO Department Store.

Thats a heck of a lot of Macross!

The key visual for the event features Ranka, Alto and Sheryl (above) and will be featured on a slew of new merchandise which will be announced over the next two weeks. No event signings or guest appearances have been announced as of yet.

SHIBUYACK DECULTURE will run from February 2nd to February 23rd, 2015. To anyone in the Tokyo area during that period, be sure to check it out!



Original Macross voted most popular ‘idol anime.’


Niconico recently surveyed 500 of its users about popular ‘idol anime’ and the results (released on Jan. 11) might surprise you.

While currently popular shows such as ‘Love Live’ made it into the top five, as did the Shoji Kawamori co-directed series ‘AKB 0048′, the No. 1 spot went to SDF Macross, with almost an entire 8% between it and the No.2 spot, ‘Magic Angel Creamy Mami.’

This isn’t the more recently popular Macross Frontier we are talking about here, nor the very influential Macross 7. No, it was the original tv series from 1982 that 19.2% of fans voted for, proving that the voice that changed the course of Space War 1 still has a hold over us more than 30 years later.


Macross The Museum RETURNS!


Macross The Museum, the travelling Macross exhibit that was previously held in Hyogo in 2013, and Miyagi in 2014, will be reopening in Tokyo in 2015 for a limited time.

Operating under the event title of Macross ShibuYACK DECULTURE, Macross The Museum Ver. 2.0 will be held at Shibuya Parco and will, like previous versions, feature a 1:1 VF-1S cockpit and other attractions.

Details on new features and talkshow events have yet to be announced, but we do know that the exhibit will be open for a limited-time only – from February 6 to February 23, 2015.

More details to come as they are announced.


Bandai 1:72 VF-1S (completed + review) by Vifam7

bandaiVF-111_zpsa510aad3This kit has been controversial from the beginning and now that I’ve finished this kit, I figured I’d give my own viewpoint.  I’ll try to be fair and balanced.


I built this kit without painting much.  The parts I painted were –

– the tailfins

– the foot thrusters

– the gunpod

– some minor details here and there

– the black stripes on the arms, legs, and wings


I had to paint the black stripes because the Bandai decals were terrible and generally a pain to work with.  Those areas are also heavily touched during construction.  Decals can be easily scratched even with a clear coat on top. Paint is a bit tougher (esp the lacquer & enamels I use). Painting them was also much easier. Continue reading


NicoNico Special for Macross⊿ Auditionees

さんかくだとNiconico will broadcast a special 2-hour programme, Wednesday December 17, 21:00~23:00 (JST) to offer advice to those thinking of auditioning for the upcoming Macross⊿ tv series, give some hints and tips, and explain how the audition process works.

The special will be hosted by Takeshi Wakazaki.
Special guests will include:

Megumi Nakajima (Ranka Lee, Macross Frontier)
Haruka Chisuga (Mina Forte, Macross 30)
Shiro Sasaki (Music Producer)



New Fire Bomber Fashion Goods


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Macross 7, Premium Bandai’s Bandai Fashion Net will be releasing a series of Fire Bomber-themed fashion goods.

Preorders open on Friday, December 5, so don’t miss this chance to stylishly rock your Fire Bomber fandom in public.

Leather Jacket: 56,000 yen


Leather Bracelet: 5000 yen



Leather Long Wallet: 23,000 yen



Wallet Chain: 7000 yen