SpeakerPODcast EP.26 – Richard Satelight & The Jaznicks!

1In our first all-American episode, Richard and the SpeakerPODcast AMERICAN gang go to Anime Expo and report in with all the latest gossip.
Renato hosts his very own panel, Richard works at the Satelight booth, and everyone stops by the Robotech 30th Anniversary panel wondering if there’s any news about that supposed live action movie…
SpeakerPODcast AMERICAN – fuelled by Blue Moon!

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Timestamps, photos and a full recording of Renato’s presentation after the JUMP!

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Macross Cosplay by Super Dimension Foto (part 1.5)

Earlier this week we announced a series of Macross themed Cosplay photo shoots and shared some sample pictures.   Here’s the rest of the sample pictures from the first set.  To see all of the first set and to support future sets visit the Patreon Page here at

or just join in on the discussion here on our forums.





SpeakerPODcast EP.25 – Talkin’ Takani


Gwyn and Renato sneak into the Suginami Animation Museum to talk about meeting the legendary Macross artist Yoshiyuki Takani and experiencing the musical madness of Mylene Party.
The SpeakerPODcast Crew then gathers at the NyanNyan Cafe to say farewell to the popular Macross venue, only to be attacked by the Vajra mid-discussion.
Also, Renato gets a singing lesson from none other than Chie ‘Mylene’ Kajiura herself!

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Mylene Party #01

Mylene Party #01

All music in this episode is by Macross tribute bands Teshima Explosion (Macross 7) and BABA Testflighters (Macross Plus)!

Information regarding the Yoshiyuki Takani art auction that is mentioned during the cast can be found HERE.

One of Yoshiyuki Takani's better known Macross illustrations.

One of Yoshiyuki Takani’s better known Macross illustrations.

Timestamps, photos and more after the JUMP!

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Macross Plus @ Manga, Anime, Games 1989 Exhibit

The Manga, Anime , Games 1989 exhibit at the National Art Center, Tokyo opened this past Wednesday and includes an unexpected surprise for Macross fans – a wall dedicated to breaking down the Itano Circus in Macross Plus.
The exhibit continues until August 31st, so anyone in Japan during the period be sure to check it out.
Detailes in English can be found here
Wall 1 Wall 2.


SpeakerPODcast EP.24 – We Don’t Need No Landing Gear!


Recorded back in April, this was originally going to be a regular episode where we discuss the SDF-3 with SDF-1 designer Kazutaka Miyatake.
But then, a VF-2SS happened.

So crack open a can of Genki Apple, and relax as the worlds number one Macross 2 fan explains the origins of the newest member of the Macross toy family and reveals just who exactly Evolution Toys are.

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00:02:55 – Macross Delta Update
00:04:56 – News! Macross Card Fighter, Nyan Nyan Cafe, Variable Fighter Episode Archives & more!
00:10:16 – Wonder Festival Winter 2015 & meeting Kazutaka Miyatake.
00:21:23 – Renato remembers Studio Nue
00:31:50 – Orguss!
00:38:36 –  Miyazawa Mokei…OMG IT’S A VF-2SS AND ADRIAN LOSES HIS SH$T!



MacrossWorld Convention 2015 Announced!

Save the Date! MacrossWorld Convention returns to the Torrance Cultural Arts Center on October 17th, 2015. Registration is now open! MacrossWorld Convention is THE Super Dimensional event for fans of Macross and other classic mecha anime! Get your badge now at



Hi-Metal R @ Tamashii Nations Summer Collection 2015


Tamashii Nations annual Summer Collection display opened in Akihabara today and offered Macross fans a closer look at Bandai’s new Hi-Metal R line, as well as unveiling Hidetaka Tenjin’s new box art for the VF-1J Armored Valkyrie.

The SpeakerPODcast Crew was on-hand and managed to grab a few snaps.
Enjoy, and don’t forget to share your thoughts on the new line in the FORUMS.


Shoji Kawamori Design Exhibit Announced


An exhibit of the design works of Shoji Kawamori has been announced.
Titled THE TRANSFORMATION, it will include designs from Macross, Cyber Formula, Aquarion and more.

The exhibit will be held at the Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum in Takarazuka, Hygo Prefecture. Previously this venue hosted the debut version of the MACROSS THE MUSEUM exhibit back in 2013.

THE TRANSFORMATION will run from July 3rd to October 26, 2015.
Entrance fee for adults is 700yen. There is no word on guest talks or signings at this time.