Macross⊿ Auditions Start Today

Auditions for idols for the latest Macross tv series commence today. Submissions will be accepted until January 30 (JST) and can be made either online or via Joysound karaoke booths across Japan.

To commemorate the auditions, Macross Card Fighter will be holding a special campaign where users input a new keyword each day in order to get a new Minmei card illustrated by Risa Ebata


(Many thanks to FalconKPD for the tip!)


Macross Superdimensional Chogokin Exhibit


As part of the birthday celebrations for Sheryl Nome this weekend, a ‘Macross x Tamashii Nations Superdimensional Chogokin Exhibit’ was held on the 10th floor of the new Radio Kaikan in Akihabara from Saturday November 22 to Sunday November 23.

This was only one of several birthday events for Sheryl that occurred over the weekend, which I will be posting pics from later. In the meantime though, the following are some pics of the items, classic and new, and cool cool plastic that was on display at the exhibit, courtesy of forum regular and SpeakerPODcast co-host SAVE.


Miyazawa Mokkei Autumn Showcase 2014


The bi-annual Miyazawa Mokkei hobby showcase was held yesterday (Nov. 18) and included a variety of new and upcoming Macross products.
Arcadia brought their A-game with a more complete looking prototype of the VF-OD. (An uncoloured prototype was previously displayed at the Spring Showcase) , while Banpresto turned up with some prototypes for the next batch of Ichiban Kuji figures.

Fortunately. SpeakerPODcast co-host and forum regular Save was on the scene to scoopda some amazing pics.

He also managed to get some clarification on the most important thing of all – the colouring of the VF-0D is still being tweaked. The final version will be shown at the next Wonder Festival in February 2015.


SpeakerPODcast Ep.18 – Macross World Chaos 2014


Did I say chaos? I meant MACROSS WORLD CON 2014 of course!

The SpeakerPODcast Crew are reunited and have a room full of Macross fans with an open bar. What can possibly go wrong?!?

Being recorded literally in the middle of the MWC2014 afterparty, this episode is a little noisier than most but bear with us as you never know WHO will turn up next!

Featuring the vocal talents of: Jet Spectacular, Tim, Kyle, Leo, Chris, Sirian, Tom, JasonC, Hisame, Hidetaka Tenjin, and the SpeakerPODcast Crew.

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Third Party Super Deformed SDF-1 “Makuros” by Master Made, First Impressions


About halfway thru September in the midst of preparing for Macross World Convention 2014, I received a package sent by the folks from This package was actually mistakenly sent to me by a previous reviewer and it was suppose to go to someone else. But I contacted lunartoystore and they said to go ahead and hold on to it until MWCon, which I was happy to. Because inside wasn’t just another toy to be curious about. It’s the first at an attempt for someone to make a “third party” figure based on the series that this site is dedicated to. Now third party is in quotation because, this isn’t exactly the first time a third party made a Macross toy, but what it insinuates. A “Third Party” product is what a unlicensed toy has been dubbed in the Transformers collector’s world. I’m not sure if it’s been adopted by other toy collectors but to me, it’s most prevalent in that line. I’d love to skip that explanation but if I do, then all the emails and comments will be based on that misnomer and not on the toy itself.

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Nyan Kara – Macross F Original Karaoke Album

Victor Entertainment has released a digital-exclusive Macross Frontier karaoke album.

Available on iTunes, Android & Amazon for approx. 1900 yen, Nyan Kara features 22 karaoke versions of popular Macross Frontier songs, including many that had not been released previously outside of karaoke booths.

There are no plans for a physical release at this stage, and the timing of the release seems just a little too close to the opening of applications for auditions in December for the new Macross TV series to be a coincidence.

Nyan Kara





At the conclusion of the FIREBOMBER 2014 BASARA EXPLOSION concert this evening, the working title of the latest Macross TV series was announced – MACROSS△.

The reading of the △ has yet to be officially clarified – the Japanese fans we spoke to at the event were speculating it could be Delta or possibly Triangle (or Triangler?).

No further details are known about the series at this early stage other than its set in the year 2067 – 8 years after Macross Frontier and 7 years after Macross 30.

Applications will be accepted from December 1st for auditions for the newest Macross singer. A similar contest was held for Macross Frontier (Megumi Nakajima) and Macross 30 (Haruka Chisuga).



Macross F x Dollfie Dream Collaboration Announced


Volks Inc. has announced a new collaboration between Macross Frontier and Dollfie Dream doll designers – 60cm dolls of Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee.

Details are scarce at this stage. If the promotional image is anything to go by, the dolls will be based on the Wings of Farewell costume variants.

Preorders are scheduled to open in late November.


Yoshiyuki Takani Exhibit

A small gallery exhibition of the works of Yoshiyuki Takani is being held at the Yayoi Museum in Tokyo.

Yoshiyuki Takani was a mechanical and plastic model box artist. Many of his illustrations appeared on early Macross model kits.

The exhibit covers all of Takani’s works, of which Macross only makes up a small fraction.

The exhibit will run from October 3 to December 25. Entrance is 900 yen (adults).

Talkshows and signings are scheduled to be held on November 9 and December 6. Further details can be found on the museums website (Japanese only).


SpeakerPODcast Ep.17 – All That WF


Back in August, on a quiet evening, Ken ‘Valkyrie’ Brennan dropped by the Ishbar to talk about WonderFest, the history of MacrossWorld, and all things garage-kit related. Richard and Jason check in from the US to discuss Macross THE FIRST, and Adrian wakes up long enough to discuss the joys of software copyright infringement.

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Due to some major technical difficulties, this episode of SpeakerPODcast very nearly became our first unreleased episode. As it is there is still a lot of background noise (still trying to work out where it was coming from!), but hopefully we managed to clean the audio up enough to make it listenable.

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