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All Sold: Multiple Valkyries (Summer Cleaning Project)

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Hey guys and gals. It's time for me to clean house again, and that means I'm putting a bunch of my Valkyries up for sale. 

As it's been a while since my last for sale post, let me summarize my terms and then we can get to the good stuff. ;)

Shipping is limited to US members and I take PayPal payments only. There are no holds. All sales are first come, first served.   

Prices include the fee for USPS priority shipping and assume a friends and family PayPal payment. If you are more comfortable opting out of friends and family, please add an extra 4% to the prices in bold. Apart from that, if you want me to use a different shipping service than USPS, let me know and I can work with you (it might cost a little more, though).

I do my best to answer all messages I receive within 24 hours. Once I receive payment for an item, I should have it out in the mail within 1 to 2 business days. Images of the final packaging will be shared before delivery, either in this thread or in a direct message to the buyer.

Up For Sale:

  • Yamato VE-1 ElintSeeker 30th Anniversary: $200 $150 $100 SOLD!
    Clear canopy, bonus parts, unused sticker sheet 
    The Valkyrie is in excellent condition, never transformed, box has little to no shelf wear 
  • Arcadia VF-4G Lightning III (digital mission scheme): $150 SOLD!
    Unused sticker sheet, complete with all accessories
    The Valkyrie is in excellent condition, and has been transformed a couple times; the box has little to no shelf wear
  • Bandai DX DYRL VF-1S (Hikaru Ichijo scheme): $200 SOLD!
    Sealed, box has little to no shelf wear; Selling this to keep my DX collection focused on the TV Valks.

Edit 1: Updating the VF-1A TV, VF-1D Trainer, and VF-0D as sold
Edit 2: Adding packing pics for first round of sold items
Bump: Reducing the price on the VE-1.
Edit 3: Adding DX VF-1S and VF-4G to the for sale list
Edit 4: Updating the DX VF-1S and VF-4G as sold
Edit 5: Adding packaging pics for second round of sold items
Edit 6: Reducing the price on the 30th VE-1 one more time.
Edit 7: Updating the 30th VE-1 as sold

Thanks for looking!

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On 8/1/2020 at 6:15 PM, Foblander said:

The VF-0D... This is why I need to pay attention ><

I've been in the same situation, @Foblander. Thanks for stopping by the thread all the same. :hi:

For those waiting, I hope to post my final Macross items in the next day or so. Sunday got a little busy out my way. 

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Posted (edited)

Bump. I've removed the images to all sold items, added a couple new items with new images, and reduced the price on my Yamato VE-1. Help me recover some floor space. :p

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1 minute ago, technoblue said:

Everyone must be watching the Umbrella Academy, :rofl:



I finished yesterday.:D

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12 minutes ago, RedComet said:

I will take that 1S to make it into a Max or a Low-vis if it’s still available ^_^

Thanks @RedComet! That would have been cool, but the 1S did sell to another MW member and is no longer available. 

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It seems I confused some members when removing the Arcadia VF-0D price and adding the DX VF-1S price.

For future reference, please note that I do remove sold items from the list after a few days.

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VE-1 is sold at the reduced price. And so my Macross summer sale comes to an end. ^_^

For those interested, stay tuned as I will be posting a new summer cleaning sale for non-Macross collectibles.

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