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VF-25F renewal, HMR Super O, PF Elintseeker

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Hey Guys

Hope everyone is staying safe.  I've got these items for sale.  I'm on the straight shooters' list.  My shipping policy is $10 flat shipping using UPS Ground.  No matter how much you buy it's just $10 to ship.

Hi Metal R Super Ostrich - sealed, new, asking $85 plus shipping

Bandai VF-25F renewal - This was displayed and there's a small paint issue on the ankle but it's complete and in good shape.  Box has a dinged corner. Asking $210 plus shipping.

Arcadia Premium Finish VE-1 Elintseeker - The elint is new and unopened.  Asking $300 plus shipping.

Pics are attached.  If you need anymore pics or have any questions.  Let me know.

Macross HMR Super O (1).JPG

Macross HMR Super O (4).JPG






Macross Elintseeker PF (1).JPG

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