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Bandai 1/60 DX Chogokin Macross Plus YF-21

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On 1/16/2020 at 4:03 PM, anime52k8 said:

From the master file book:20200116_145052.thumb.jpg.451dbed8408a6374c0ed638fa00deb52.jpg

This diagram always points to my biggest issues with the YF-21.  Basically those intakes are an aerodynamics nightmare.  The only way that the VF-21/VF-22 can work is because of the morph metal shown off in the wings.  Basically the thighs (at a minimum) of the legs would have no choice but to compress flat to allow for an intake that doesn't shatter the compressor face with wicked compressor stalls.  Event then, there would be issues.

In a toy, the solution is parts forming, but to take Bandai approach.  Skeletonize the legs like in a RG Gundam model.  Then have "morph metal" pieces that snap on depend on whether is it is in fighter or battroid mode.  Yes, most fans will just leave the pieces off when in fighter mode, or maybe just put on the "bottom" pieces.  But that is a way it could work and not make the fighter mode seriously Thick.

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