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Various DX for sale and super parts

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I haven't sold much on here but lurked for a while and made a few purchases from others. Looking to thin a bit of my herd I have acquired. Shipping is included in price for US. If doing g&s please add 3% to the price.


Only did a slight look into ebay and such for prices if they are overly expensive do let me know and I'll see what I can do.


VF-31J super parts MISB - $165

YF-19 Full Set $ 315 opened and inspected the antenna displayed in fighter and replaced into box.




VF-31C super parts MISB - $150 (still in bubble wrap from shipping) (sold)

VF-31C MISB - $275 (still in bubble wrap from shipping) (sold)

VF-31F super parts MISB - $125 (sold!)

DX VF-19 Full Set MISB - $315 (sold)

Draken III + lill drakens - $250 - Sold!

Originally bought off Spanner I don't believe it was transformed. And I haven't transformed it since getting it.

Hi-metal R elintseeker - $80 (sold)

New in sealed box. Box has a little ding in it but has not been opened to play with. 




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