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1/72 SF-3A Lancer II: Question for the Experts

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G'day  lads I am hoping that some resin kit experts will be able to help me out here. Put simply are the resin 1/72 M Factory Lancer II kits (sourced through HobbyFan) kits a recast of the @cobywan Studio Kaijin kit?


Parts breakdown and documentation make it look like it is the same kit. So did HobbyFan purchase the patterns from Studio Kaijin? 

Studio Kaijin 1/72 scale SF-3A Lancer II:



Model pics sourced from: https://www.lasegundaguerra.com/viewtopic.php?t=13766

M Factory 1/72 scale SF-3A Lancer II:




Let me know what you guys think.




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Well that's a mystery I can put to rest easily enough. 
The master was made by Cobywan, and made by his group, M-Factory. 
Some years later, I purchased the masters from him, and sold them under my label, Studio Kaijin.  So the Studio Kaijin version came second, and it a re-issued original kit, not a recast.

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Hello Ken,

Thanks for posting to provide some background on this resin kit.  Please take a look when you have time at my May 5 message, one day before you posted here.  I'm looking forward to receiving the molds you mentioned.


Christopher  8)

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I built this model years ago, fun simple kit!



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