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Hello to all fellow builders

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I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello! I am excitedly here to help and learn how to work on kit building with you all and look forward to some genuine positivity and gaining a few friendships along the way. I have done some modeling back in the day (late 80s-mid 90s) and have been an artist in all sorts of mediums (sculpting, painting, drawing, digital). I went to college for digital media and graphic design, but I have settled into an alternate career. I am jumpstarting my modeling again by getting myself setup this holiday season with all the materials I need to get properly back in the game (putty, sanding papers, sticks, glues, boards, lights, the whole 10 yards) along with some detailed models (NCC 1701 A Refit 1/537, Hasegawa 1/48 VF-1J, 1/48 MC01 YF-19).


I am extremely meticulous and detail oriented and so I will be trying my hand at some basic kits, but I will be working on these pieces with help from multiple forums, but you guys are the first I have truly wanted to connect with because of my love of Macross. I do have a soft spot for Robotech, but I love the lore of the Japanese version just a bit more. I just can't put down the American soundtrack, but that was my childhood.


Anyways, I hope to have some responses in just a hello or something to just be able to connect. I am an introvert that has struggled a lot of my life with Agoraphobia, but my life has been about growing as I get older and I don't run away from people like I did.




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Thank you so much for the welcome and the link! I need to get researching for paints needed for each model. I'm still trying to figure out which way to go with the type of paint, but the link you provided helps tremendously, just need to know the color palette.

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Welcome aboard Jagimis! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with as you have picked some great kits to start out with. 

Makenaurenyou checknout WM Cheng's step by step builds (sticky'd in the workbench forum) as they are great resources. Hexworks in 1/72 scale but the techniques are universal.



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