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What artbooks does this image belong to?

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Hi, guys...

I found this picture on my big Macross stuff, on my diskdrive.

Many of the images and files that I have there, I have them with their place of origin attached, as for example, some of the excellent fanarts that has been published here.

But in this case, with this image that I downloaded about a year ago or more, I have no idea.
Apparently belongs to some artbooks that I have no knowledge, since they were two pages together.

The image, the download of a French Macross page, which unfortunately ceased to exist.

Does anyone know it?
Have you seen it?

Already try to look it on google.


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I'd say its from a book made in the past decade at least (perhaps Tenjin Hidetaka?). It's supposed to depict a unfilmed scene from the TV series, after Fokker dies (although the artist chose to use the DYRL flight suit).

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