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Looking for macross 3d models

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For VR chat basically. I noticed there are no Macross models so I wanted to rectify that. Started by making the SDF1 Macross itself, in real scale (more or less) and with full transformation and an entire battle scene.

Now I'm looking for a few optimized models to spice things up. Already made low-poly VF1 and zentradi fighter to fly around and fight.

I tried finding or converting models from Homeworld 1 (DYRL mod) and Homeworld2 remastered mod, but no luck. I also looked around, but everything is either too high-poly and horribly un-optimized, behind a very expensive paywall or both.





If anyone knows were I can find some decent macross 3D models, please tell me.





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Thank you. I will try to contact him, but if anyone has any more Resources or knows any other good sourc,e please post. The more the better.

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