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Old guy new to the forum!

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Greetings, All!!! I tried posting in the, "who and where are you from," forum (and now I'm "post 298" map), but I must be old and couldn't find a ,"reply," or, "post," link so apologies for starting a new thread. Any help in the posting/reply realm would be greatly appreciated.  I'm Fred, from the Buffalo, New York area (and no, it doesn't always snow here...just most of the time!). Been a fan since the late 70's of anime (Starblazers and G-Force anyone?) and discovered Robotech in the 80's and totally keyed in on the Macross Saga. THEN discovered that Macross was it's own gigantically huge and popular entity in Japan and around the world and have been peeling back the onion ever since. Discovered this forum a few years ago and have been lurking around here for a bit, completely jealous of everyone's collections! Who knew this was all out there? I've started a very, very modest collection, primarily focused on my favorite, Max (Jenius or Sterling, take your pick!). Gotten some great ideas for displays from everyone here and it's great to see such a positive online community. Hopefully I'll get a handle on this reply/posting thing!

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