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Hmm, a second AoA wave huh?  Between seven figures and the BAF they managed to complete the X-Man comic wave (outside of the traveling troupe), Jean and Weapon X from the Weapon X comic and 3+1 (Blink) from Astonishing X-Men.  They could easily put Rogue and Sabertooth in this wave and cap that team off.  Nightcrawler is essentially the only character from his book and could cap that one off too.  Could do Cyke and Havok from Factor X, wouldn't need the Bedlams or Guthries really.  We don't have a single character from the X-ternals, The Amazing X-Men or Generation Next, though we did get the big bad from that as a BAF.  I'd assume they'd cap off Astonishing and throw in Holocaust as the BAF since she was the baddie from that book and the whole team would be complete.  YOu could capit off with Colossus and Kitty from Generation Next (they are the big two names) though in Generation Next Colossus is HUGE.  He'd almost need to be a BAF.


He's way off on FIrestar, she's shipping to me right now.

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16 hours ago, eXis10z said:

Hope that modular armor rumor turns real. That's the iron man I grew up with in the 90s with the cartoon.

I'm looking forward to that and more comic style armors.

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