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SDFM: Similarities between Phantasm and DYRL

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So I recently re-watched SDFM, and when I saw Phantasm (Ep 17), it struck me this time just how many subtle parallels there are between this episode and the DYRL movie, both of which essentially represent convoluted (perhaps imaginary) retelling of previously-established events. This is mainly due to the additional material in Phantasm that creates differences between the "real" story and what's going on in Hikaru's unconscious mind.

Here's what I noticed. All of these are true of both Phantasm and DYRL:

  1. Minmei's concert occurs very early on.
  2. Minmei is captured by Zentradi, and Hikaru flies a training valk in a battle in connection with this event.
  3. Photographers capture Hikaru and Minmei together, hiding out in the SDF-1.
  4. Hikaru defies a command from Misa and goes off on his own to (ultimately, in DYRL's case) rescue Minmei.
  5. We see unreal visuals of Hikaru and Minmei together in wedding clothes.
  6. Hikaru and Misa find a mysterious floating city.


Anyone else notice all these connections? I'm into analysis like this, and noticing similarities between creative works, seeing how later works may have been influenced by earlier ones. When I first saw Phantasm, I thought it was just weird. But now I think it's more on the brilliant side, and it makes me wonder if the DRYL creators took cues from Phantasm when making the movie.

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