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Color call outs for Bandai's 1/72 VF-1J Max type

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Morning everyone.  I am planning to start building Bandai's 1/72 VF-1J Max Type.  unfortunately my kit didn't come with the instructions so I am looking for the color call outs?  I could guesstimate but I figured someone on this site would have suggestion or best place to get the colors layout to use.  Thank you.

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I'm assuming this is the old 80s/90s kit, not like a P-Bandai version of their 2013 kit? I couldn't find any scans of the older Bandai instruction set, unfortunately.

Hobby Search does have plenty of high-res scans of the Hasegawa manuals, though. Here's the color guide for the 1/48 Super VF-1J "Max/Miriya" kit (I don't know if the colors are different for the various TV/Movie versions of his rides):


And you can find the conversion chart here:

Hope that helps. It would have been nice of Bandai to include Max/Kakizaki markings on their 2013 kit along with a paint guide, but this is the best I can do. Good luck.

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The version I have is for the 15th Anniversary, so I assume it is the old 80's/90's version.  Thanks for the help.  Worse comes to worse, I  can do the base color in a Have Glass scheme

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I have the original issue Imai Max VF-1J kit, the one that Bandai later reissued under their brand. It has a really basic color list that doesn't seem to refer to any specific brand of paint, unless it's something I'm missing somewhere in the Japanese text. However, the numbers appear to match the Gunze Sangyo Mr. Color chart, but it simply lists the colors in multiple languages like this:

1 White

2 Black

3 Red

4 Yellow

5 Blue

6 Green

7 Brown

8 Silver

9 Gold

10 Copper

33 Mat black

42 Mahogany

46 Clear

47 Clear red

49 Clear orange

52 Mat white

The numbers match the Gunze Sangyo chart with the exception of the last one, "52 Mat white," which should be 62 Matt White. I assume all the additional colors like Brown and Mahogany are listed because this is a generic list for all the variants they offered (such as the VF-1A).

My Bandai 15th Anniversary Millia VF-1J doesn't seem to have any color reference chart that I can find, just the big folding instruction sheet that has color photos of the finished model. Again, maybe I'm missing something in the Japanese instructions, but even the parts I translated with Google Translate don't seem to make any references to paint colors. It's as if they're just showing you the colors on the finished model and leaving it up to you to match them.

Hope that helps a little!

Edited by VF-1A Grunt

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