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Macross: Love is Passing Away board game

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I just bought this Bandai Party Joy game off Ebay but it does not seem to have any instructions.  Does anyone by chance have the instructions, or know where I might find them?


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The game finally came in.  I have to say it looks very cool.  Smaller than I expected (box is only about 8.5" x 6") but the components are great and the artwork is really cool.  The box is actually a slip case and all the components are in a plastic tray inside.  Other than the pieces being separated and the game boards having a good warp from being folded up in the box for 30+ years the game looks untouched.  The box itself has the sort of shelf wear you would expect for its age.  However, as advertised in the auction, the game does not appear to have any rules.  Hopefully the text on the boards and game pieces tells you all you need to know to play.  I'll have to see.  Other than what I see on Boardgame Geek, does anyone know anything about this game?5993664f0527b_BoxFront.thumb.jpeg.f2a52f74d765e547052c13f9b7ba6fda.jpeg5993664cd2a7e_BoxBack.thumb.jpeg.559491ab2a81be06d702a93144769cd0.jpeg5993663fce949_Board1.thumb.jpeg.7bac3045509ebad21fc49eb89dc86bc1.jpeg5993663cbed63_Board1Back.thumb.jpeg.754f3f582a5fd60d0f637375d607916c.jpeg599366455e6b1_Board2.thumb.jpeg.a2c0f0d3251e36d8e3e8a403fdc862f4.jpeg599366425825f_Board2Back.thumb.jpeg.0c01775aa5d10151f9b2f81ff7e2aa8c.jpeg5993664ae927f_Board3.thumb.jpeg.8c3efe141d850f4bec00a0e15c5b321d.jpeg59936647e0174_Board3Back.thumb.jpeg.1fc7af89038de7c514cd9a06086b9c9e.jpeg599366580b047_CounterFrontsLabeled.thumb.jpg.3fa2ff08f8203fb135649225ad750d38.jpg599366510c2bf_CounterBacksLabeled.thumb.jpg.090cc874c5ca7fc4500ae576b63c5cbb.jpg

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