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1/2500 Scaled Geocraper   [ YouTube  ]

Mega RD & Macross city Combo

been doing more research & found more info on how to make Macross City & found some things on YouTube {1/2500 Scaled Geocraper }

Real cool fun toy's and some info on how the City was Made to fit & function inside of the SDF 1 & 2 ,,,,,

just got to work out something's to the 4-D city Puzzle city Building's I'm Using. I just  may have to make my own road's from scratch,, Maybe?






45733641-2500 Scaled Geocraper.jpg

457336401=2500 Scaled Geocraper.jpg

45733640601=2500 Scaled Geocraper.jpg

ge51=2500 Scaled Geocraper.jpg



ge501=2500 Scaled Geocraper.jpg





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That will be a TON of detail work, but will be worth it when done. This would make a great anime museum piece. - MT

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