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SDF-1 Glider (Maybe RC Down The Road)

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so i havnt posted in some time but im but at it again, making stuff from Macross so how fly. this time im working on the good old SDF-1 Macross. right now its just a simple glider to see how it will act when flying. as of this pic here it flys well. 


as a gilder its fun to watch it fly for a short time before coming back to earth. now since then i added a few more parts to this glider and im waiting for the sun to come up. (as of this post its 3:15am my time)





now if she still glides well i will make a 5 foot long or so SDF-1. mayne around my B-Day July 15th. maybe IDK 

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That is fantastic! Can't wait to see how this one turns out. 

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well it flys still just not as well. i'll have a 33 mins build and test flight log up soon


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