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1/60 Yamato unpainted kit - D06 - Arm part - Recast, 3D print or original

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I have a kit lying around that I can take measurements. Will keep you updated. Just to reduce the work, shapeways has a black, high detail material that would be perfect to reproduce this small part, but the initial cost of this material is high so your part could be something around 10$, making 2 would be more cost effective. 

The cheap traditional plastic (wsf) would be based white but because you need to sand and smooth the surface with primer, the result color would largely depends on your primer color.

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I have uploaded a set of 2 covers since 1 or 2 covers would cost approx the same. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/xigfrid3dshop?section=VF-1X%2B%2B&s=0

You have the 1st version, the cheapest but will need a bit sanding to smooth out the surface.

The second version optimized for Black Acrylate, I am not 100% sure if this material can be printed, but if it can, it would have a better surface finish. You can also order it in FUD.


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Parts have been received. They look sturdy enough.

They will need a bit of work as the little trench is not inline with the rest of the arm (no big deal; some putty, my dremmel & a bit of sanding will fix that) Parts were not from a VF1-S kit, right ?



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