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Japan Tours Festival - 24 to 26 February 2017, Tours, France

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As some of you are aware of it via my Facebook page (it does not make a lot of people, but it's always that), I was approached by the organizers of this festival to realize the showcases  for the guests this year.
And what guests.
We only speak of Shinji Aramaki and Shoji Kawamori ...

In short, real stars here, inevitably !

I don't post you all the images or others, for the showcases (as it is almost a part of what I have in my collection, including some custom works), and I come directly at the most important: the guests.
Great gentlemen.
From the kindness and making them available at anytime, I even had the chance to have breakfast at a table located between theirs.
Obviously I did not make my fanboy at that time, privacy is important too.
But still remember it !

To make it quickly, arrival of the Masters, first signing session on Friday, few people, either for one or the other, we took advantage with the friends of Anigetter booth ... who held a stand on which I was able to squatter with my diorama DYRL crashed, thank you again pals !
Even had the opportunity to get my crashed diorama signed, on which Sensei noticed the details and took photos with his own smartphone ... how to be more proud ?
I also showcased the goodies brought by M KAWAMORI himself (the VF-31 DX, the VF-1S Arcadia, and the Frontier and Delta figures) !

Signing sessions at the top, interesting conferences on animation, Saturday 2D vs 3D animation conference with the two masters together, highly interesting, then the top of the conference with the two again gathered to talk Mecha Design ...
Memories evoked about their career, to become what they are today (uncontested references), anecdotes delivered the most naturally in the world, and finally a moment of sharing almost intimate when M ARAMAKI thanked M KAWAMORI, because if The VF-1 had not gone out with Macross, himself would not have had his first real job to shove off to create Mospeada and the Legioss ... and become what he is now.

To resume, there were ENORMOUS moments (and there were more others and we laughed), to finish on the Sunday and a second session of signings, again without large influx, which allowed us to still enjoy the Masters ...
And to make sign my diorama Fan racer First Contact that I took off the display (the advantage of having the keys all the time on me) for the occasion ...
And the last conference, in which were revealed several secrets and explanations on the Macross series, and even presentation of his new project "The Next" ...

We could not have dreamed better, we were in heaven, but this effect did not stop there for me.

At the end of the exhibition, Mr KAWAMORI personally came to thank me for the showcases, greeted my collection, took a quick but interested and surprised look at two unusual customs (Z and SiS MkII) Wich were out the boxes while I was repacking my other exposed VF ... and offered to take a picture with me, I asked for the Z ...
Result, a photograph of me with the Macross Master and the VF-1Z still unfinished in his hands ... and heart at 10000bpm!

I will never thank enough our two sensei for their kindness, their availability for photos, signatures, at this event ... and I really hope to be there again on their next pass, if not in France, but maybe Also in Europe?


More content on my Facebook Page  : Ratatarse Factory














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