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Call for Moderators!

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Do you like to be abused on the internet? Do you like to work hours per month receiving nothing but contempt for your actions!?
Well have I got a gig for you. Think of it like Jury duty, except you don't get paid $15 or get reimbursed for parking.

Seriously I am putting out a call for some volunteers who want to try their hands at being a Macross World Forum Moderator.
Looking for 2-3 people maximum, it is a temp position for 3-6 months tops. We'll be rotating regularly to prevent any burnout.

If interested please PM me, I'll go through the initial list and select a few.

Sometimes it really isn't a fun thing to do/be, you will get kickback, and in 3-6 months will be 'just' a member again, so really think it over.

Also, we are going to be getting a lot stricter around here about respect and courtesy, there will be no more 'bullies' here.
You'll get 2x soft warnings then get banned. If we lose members because if this, remember it is on you.

You do not need to respond to every post you don't agree with, contradict someone for liking something you do not, or correct people when they make a mistake. Just skip that post and move on to something you enjoy. Seriously re-read this a few times over.

Remember this is a fun hobby, FUN!!

Thank you all for reading!!

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