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MWF back up! Please read!

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Hi everyone,

Glad to see you on the other end of this maintenance cycle! Server migration completed, still bringing up the Main site. This migration was painful, but worth it.

We are now on Invision Board 4.x, and many things are different. I know nobody enjoys change, but it will get better as our muscle memory relearns. Please give it a little time. The 3.x software is nearing its maintenance cycle, so it was best to move forward.

We are also on a default darker blue theme, which if you hate, you can change by going to the very bottom of the forums page and selecting 'Theme' and going with MWDefaultWhiteBlue. It will reset the board back to the brighter white/blue theme we've run for 10+ years.
Staring into what is effectively a 24" LCD flashlight for hours at a time is burning my retinas out, so trying something easier on the eyes for a bit. Will get some Macross flavors into both themes in the next week or two.

Other minor changes involve putting out a call for some additional voluntary moderators. The team we've had so far have done a fantastic job (it would be chaos without their help), but with this New Year and New Server, we will be trying something new. To try and prevent any burnout, we'll be rotating mods every 4-6 months. Moderating is NOT fun. All you get is people arguing with your about why they are right and you are wrong(It is a selfless job to police internet forums). While we gather some additional volunteers (will send the word out soon) new forum registrations are going to temporarily be suspended, probably just for a week or two until we sort things out with the server migration and all the spamming filters.

With this New Year we'll also be a bit more strict on forum behavior. You'll get just 2x warnings then you are permanently banned. The moderation team was really much more patient than I would be. I really don't want to bring everyone down with this talk, but this (Macross) is a supposed to be hobby for us to enjoy in our time off, so lets have fun!!!

If you encounter any bugs in the forums, please post them here and we'll get them ironed out asap.

Regarding our Facebook/Social Media presence change, I'll be absolutely honest. I don't use FB/Twitter, and years ago when Exo said we should have a FB account I literally said 'We already have a forum, but ok'. But what he created and nurtured is incredible, reaching out to thousands of fans across the world. It is more international that these forums will ever be, and that is my dilemma. 
I like a smaller community plain and simple. But he grew it into something larger and more successful than I could ever imagine, and that is why it changed.
He can now grow even more without this old man's stupid restrictions. If you have not bookmarked it please do so!! Again great job Exo!!

Thank you all for reading, and please have a good time here!

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