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Was Max's VF-1J in Macross 30??

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Hey guys, Just been having this on my mind lately. but wasn't Max's 1J in a preview image of the game/screenshot? cause I completely remember seeing a blue 1J next to Hikaru's and Millia's. But I don't know, Just thought id just ask if its in the game. And if I EVER find that image i will post it here.

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Sorry, but no, it isn't. Millia's Vf-1j is in the game, flown by Mylene. Max's Vf-22 and Millia's Vf-22 are in the game however.

Thats weird cause I swore i saw a Picture with His 1J In it, Oh well must have been something similar to it then.

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As a preview image, it is entirely possible that the Max 1J was removed from the final game for some reason(like givin' him a VF-22 instead whoo!). It would be far from the first time a preview image was not 100% true to the release version.

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