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Hi-Metal R items and others for sale!

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HMR VF-1S Hikaru DYRL $110

HMR VF-1J $70 (Has minor stress mark)

SHF First Order Storm Trooper pair and Phasma $65

AGP Unicorn girl set (Normal, Weapon set, and Awakening) $150

SHF Iron Man MK 45 $40

SHF Gaim Kiwami Arms (overhauled, new chest decal, detailed) $45

SHF Gaim Kachidoki arms $40

SHF Marika $45

CW Bruticus with Perfect Effect Hands and Feet

I'm open to offers. Buy many items and I'll give bigger discounts, I need money but I also need to clear stuff out. Shipping is not included. Want pictures? Ask! I didn't want to take pictures of everything.


I'm also open to trades but I'm not looking for much. If you have any Votoms Actic Gear stuff I'll be super interested. Feel free to make trade offers, never know what might catch my interest.

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