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Macross: The Shadow Years

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I've finally decided to place the airing of this 'documentary' no later than 2029. Wether 2031's DYRL promotion or general interest leading to the funding of a movie is irrelevant for the setting.

Problem is, there is a lot more data on the period than it seems. Even if I leave out Macross II timeline, I have Macross Chronicle material that I have not read and I should not contradict. I think I hit a wall here. It is stated somewhere that around 2030 some Zentraedis left Earth to find his own destiny outside UNSpacy control, never to be heard about again.

P.S.: Oops, we are now in the 2nd page of the thread. Don't miss van Zanten entry at the end of page 1.

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This is a really, really fantastic idea. I just finished re-watching Macross for the first time in years and really found myself bothered regarding how humanity could recover from such a massive environmental disaster as the end of Space War One.

These personal stories are really cool.

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Very cool stuff.  I wish the Macross Aria sites were still online.  We had an interview with a pilot who claimed to have the biggest collection of post-SW1 vinyl.  He, too, was very interested in keeping alive Earth's history and information.  I think it's absolutely a fascinating concept, this period of time as humanity recovers from a near extinction, and near informational extinction event.  

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